love is a revolution

The light of the righteous shines brightly, but the lamp of the wicked is extinguished.

Proverbs 13:9

the world will now be turning,

for love is a revolution.

even so long it’s been like this:

quiet is the riot of contentment:

a single day we have tried to hide

to keep the next day from stealing

fear has claws that bleed Freedom

to keep the monsters deep inside

they are the dark skeletons of Time,

where their sun remains outside,

cartoon entertainment on the wall

watching their light slip far away

the screeching songs of a wild mob

the warping of the legs who dance

only when into frenzy whipped

the world will now be changing

the world will be dancing now

love is the revolution

love is the revolution

love is the revolution

Heart of the Timeless

you are here to remember the Heart;
that you must guard it, is an illusion,
that you must protect it, is a lie,
the bird often flies deep into shadow,
wing by wing, to fly back to the sky
feathers feeding your poetic mind
for I have painted you a tiny picture
wings declare motion inside your eye
have you seen this bird, or created it?
will you let her fly or does she stay in mind?
perhaps he will visit you this afternoon
perhaps she will visit you tomorrow,
is she ahead or behind? above or below?
will you allow him to sing a new song,
a spell upon the shadows in your ears?
who do you, after all, think you are?
It doesn’t matter whether I am dead
or alive or what I am, but only that It Is,
this Heart of the timeless infinite bird.

You are Unconditional Love

We have lived in a world where we distrust our deepest instinct, namely to love unconditionally and to receive love unconditionally. There are so many reasons for this, historically, psychologically, and philosophically.  I won’t get into those reasons here. This short essay is simply a call to realize that consequences of our deep distrust that is not a distrust of a simple object, but is actually a deeper distrust of our own being and the source of all life.

The truth is that unconditional love is always available and always in infinite abundance, just as the air we breathe is in abundance. Yet we seemingly walk through life completely unaware of it, except when we happen upon love here and there. Yet “happening” upon love here and there is just conditional love. It comes. It goes. Most of us think that conditional love is all that there really is and that “unconditional love” doesn’t exist or is simply the domain of a divine being.  Why? Because we are taught that love is conditional. We are taught that everywhere. However, the truth is that we are unconditional love. It is the nature of our true being.  But there is also another truth about our being. We do not remember who we are. We do not remember that in our true being, we are a being of unconditional love.  In that sense, in our nature, we are in fact truly divine. We have completely forgotten that aspect of ourselves. And as a result, we have also lost touch of what the sacred truly is. Jesus himself never taught that the temple was sacred. He taught of the sacred nature of his soul, the spirit, and God himself. He taught us that we are all children of God, not our bodies, not our politicians, not our wealthy individuals or movie stars. He taught that you are what is sacred and pure and that whatever you create on this earth, be it music or temples or art or money, will also contain what pure and sacred due to the flow of the divine energy and intention.

Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. All who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as he is pure.  -1 John 3:2-3

The reason why so many doubt unconditional love, as if it were a unicorn or a pig that flies, is not because love is rare – it is not – but because we have created a fantasy where it is rare, a story, a structure of thought patterns, ego-filled dramas of unimaginable forgetfulness.  This fantasy is ratified by agreement with the world around us: our parents who withhold love if we do not obey; friends who like us only if we agree with them; the movies the treat love as something unique and difficult to find; music and poetry that sing of loss and woe and attachment.  We are divided politically because we are taught to do so. We are told to dismiss other people because it is what will make us feel accepted in society or because they disagree with us. We are also told we are worse than the animals rather than we are divine creatures. We have been brought up on a steady diet of contaminated food, air, entertainment that is filled with gratuitous violence and sex.  It is not hard to find art that does not sing of the travails of love or pretends that love is something that belongs to fairytales, as if love were something that was always lost or far from our grasp. And this is not a new or clever thing. The idea that love is like a little child rambunctiously flying around with a bow and arrow, ready to strike whenever and upon whomever it suits his fancy, is as old as literature is old, in the form of a boy named Cupid.

But remember the absurdity of all of this. Remember that you are love, and in forgetting this, we chase, doubt, escape, fear and long for it again. Over and over the story of humanity is this relentless search for a love that seems to elude us, and causes us great pain, a pain in which we indulge with stories, songs, and self-pity.  We do this for so long that we teach ourselves to enjoy our loveless prison, just a prisoner learns to enjoy their captors.

And when we are not present to our being as unconditional love, and only see it as something we have to get with another person or an experience, we will test that person or experience, to make it prove that it is real. Many relationships are just a series of tests and re-tests, until the ultimate failure happens and the relationships end. For those who doubt the reality of unconditional love and therefore their own being, they will unconsciously create a test that they know will be impossible to pass. It is that impossible test that seals the prison of their own making. They have become so clever in their ability to debunk unconditional love, that their ego gives them solace with, at the very least, the trophy idea that they are “always right” about love.

This condition goes way beyond personal prisons. Many are so tortured by their perceived lack of love, that the only indulgence they can find is the torture and cruelty they can inflict on not only themselves, but on others. A life that is lived in the denial of love is a life that is lived to inflict its opposite upon the world. It is the relentless need to justify the reasons for its perceived abandonment by love. How can I make sense of my belief that love is not there for me? Well, I will make its opposite appear more real, truer, and more powerful.  It is at that point that the human being finds joy in causing darkness, distortion, and especially so in the presence of love. At some point, a person can go so far into darkness, that they can no longer even remember wanting love any more.   It is a sad condition because many the ones who hunger for love so deeply are the ones who want to bury it a deeply as possible. That is when the human being can, if they continue on this road, become a psychopath, a sociopath, or someone who can no longer even feel or imagine the possibility of light and love in their life.

But the pain will always be there, simply because unconditional love is not an emotion. It is actually the light of our life, the light of your being. It is what guides you back to what is good, beautiful and true. It is what connects you through empathy and compassion to all human beings everywhere.  When we lose that light, we lose our sense of humanity. We then become more like something worse than the animals.  Becoming worse than the animals is what this world has wanted for us. It has wanted us to despise ourselves and cause conflict, war, hate and pain within ourselves and each other. This world has been teaching us how to see everything except love in the world. The love that it does promote is generally a love that sees itself as being opposite to fear or hate and that is why those who “fight against hate” tend to become hateful themselves in the process. While unconditional love, the love that you are, is not opposite to anything. It is who you are and who you are is everything and connected to everything, something that only love itself can show you, can feel you, can teach you.

Our world right now is undergoing a massive awakening. It is an awakening that will begin the complete transformation of the world as we have known it and our ancestors have known it for centuries. We have lived in a false world that has been produced, written, and directed by those who fallen into darkness spiritually and physically. But through this grand awakening, our consciousness will no longer be able to deny its own presence as divine unconditional love itself. It is manifesting as a light that will shine over all the darkness that has engulfed this world, both for the individual and the collective. It will be difficult at times, because the light will show us what we haven’t yet wanted to see.  There will be pain. Some will choose to remain in denial, but they will be isolated and will no longer hold much power over the general flow of humanity. Yet, the more the old darkness clears away, and the more the lies and the deceit dissolve into sand, the more we will present to who we truly are as unconditional love. And what a world we will create for those who come to this world after us! We can only begin to imagine such a world and since we are who are only in the here and now, there is no better time to begin the new creation, than now.

Forgive What Was Never Said

I can sing above only when your freedom is born,
my light from below is light leading you to shore
out of the prison that was your birth and place,
they didn’t care: children can’t breathe thick air.
I was down for you, down inside the ground
shackled by blinding chains, a numbing pain.
they drank your blood mixed with sweet lemonade
and cheered gruesome gods of cadaverous shade
but no more will they steal your innocence to live
no more will they rape the blindness of simple sense
for those are brave heroes who collect your tears
to rain upon the world as the Great Flood did rain
evil to be drowned in its own Hollywood massacre
where they vainly tried our heaven’s wings to shed.
Pray for the children. Forgive what was never said.

The Fallacy of Using Spiritual Practice in order to Understand the World

But the truth is that we will not find clarity through spirituality or through going within because nothing on the outside can ever be clear. Why? Because what is on the outside in the world of material objects and shapes, is illusion.

I was meditating this morning for an hour or so and I am moved to share what I saw during that meditation. Take what resonates. Discard what doesn’t.

I went into the meditation, and after a certain amount of time, I went into a remote viewing session, with the intention of being shown what is going on right now with the virus. I saw a lot of things, much unclear, as remote viewing usually is. But there are an awful lot of children being treated somewhere and many doctors are working on treating them. I saw tunnels and beings who were protecting those who were going in out of the tunnels.

But the content of the remote viewing session is not what I am writing about. The larger and more powerful message is what I want to articulate.

When we are confused about what is going on in our life, we seek outside sources to inform us: friends, family, media, teachers, YouTube videos, the news, etc.  Yet the more we search for these answers outside of ourselves, the more unclear things become. At that point, we have to do a lot of digging and searching, for the nature of the world is illusion, and the truth is not readily found or “bought”.  However, most of us don’t want to dig, and want to be instead “saved”.  So, the only way we can achieve clarity and thus safety with outside information is to by and large shut ourselves off from most of it and choose to listen only to what agrees with our palette. Its like looking at an entire smorgasbord and focusing only the ice cream, and to focus on it so much that all that exists on the smorgasbord is ice cream. People could be screaming “carrots”, “peas” and potatoes, but like any dog is wont to do, we can fixate on the ice cream, barely even hearing or seeing the others surroundings. We are just happy to be with the ice cream. We feel safe and happy with the ice cream. This is how most people choose political opinions, financial choices, relationships, etc. This is how most people shut off the cacophony of mental distortions of external information. We pick one thing and stick with that, many defending it till the death. No one is going to take that ice cream from us. No one. And then we live that way.

But some of us are present to the confusion, the conflicting stores, the illusory nature of the world, and so we seek elsewhere, with an ardent passion to find the truth. Some of us go within, especially when we finally realize that there are no answers “out there”. Yes, the X-Files was wrong. The answer is not “out there”. As a result, we seek to go into meditation or prayer or remote viewing or psychic healing, or some other spiritual modality that might allow us to see clearly what is before us.

But the truth is that we will not find clarity through spirituality or through going within because nothing on the outside can ever be clear. Why? Because what is on the outside in the world of material objects and shapes, is illusion. Speech, art, media, all of it – is illusion. Even what we think love, friendship, kindness is: all illusion. Yet, when we go inward to find the truth of what is going on outside of us, we are still believing that there is something outside of us that can become or made to be clear on the inside, as if somehow the illusion can be made to be other than what it is, if we shine a brighter light on it.  The opposite actually happens. The more we shine our inner light on our outside world, the more we see the illusion, incongruities, the impossibilities, the death and the life of everything, the façade and the masks. Yet many of us persist and often seek financial advice or relationship tips or assistance with our emotions from God or some other being. Some of us have great imaginations and a powerful mind, and we see things in that inner realm that make us believe that we see what is happening. But this too is also illusion. You cannot go inward to discover what is outside. When you go inward, you discover what is inward.  But what is inward, and why would you go there, if not to make your outward life clearer, better, more joyful?

The answer is in the word “make”. You do not make what is inward. What is inward is what you are and who you are. That is all. What you make, on the other hand, is up to you. What you make and what everyone else makes will eventually show up on the “outside”. Are you making or creating from who you are? Or are you making and creating from whatever illusion you believe is outside of you or belongs to you or is like you?  Furthermore, the outward is the illusion from the perspective of truth, and the inward is not, and that means that if you seeing the inward as the path to clarity of what is “outward”, you are not present to the inner at all – for the opposites are illusory manifestations of the one. You just are, everywhere and always. You are the infinite. What you make, on the other hand, shows up in the world, apparently outside of you. When you create a duality between outside and inside, your mind is attempting to sever the connection between you and your world. It is the mind that takes you in that kind of powerlessness, severing not only your connection to being, but everything else’s connection to be. Unfortunately, in our current world, mind is king, and feelings of powerlessness have driven people to addictions of all kinds , depression, anxiety, phobias, and even suicide.

The confusion we suffer causes so much pain and feelings of hopelessnes and helplessness because we are not present to who we are as being, as presence, as powerful creators, as beings who create through our hearts, then our minds, then our hands.  But as it stands now, in the lower consciousness of separation and fear, we will never get the answers we want about the world, because there are no answers to be given. There are only possibilities that can be seeded and conceived through our own being. We can choose to make ourselves and our lives more difficult and more filled with suffering if we refuse to allow our consciousness to rise to our own self-awareness as creator. We can continue to choose to give into panic or fear, as we have been doing at this current time. But if we don’t want to suffer, and we want to live a joyful life and create a better world, we can choose to raise our consciousness beyond fear and lack and participate in a world that expresses that higher consciousness.  Many who read this will say: But I don’t matter. I am just one person. How can my consciousness or lack of it affect the entire world? The answer is that you are still in the mental illusion of separation.  We are all connected at all times and all places. Where one goes, all goes. The majority of the world right now is being subjected to great fear due to financial and physical hardships. It is like warfare and we are being hit hard. You don’t need to be a seer to know this, but as a seer myself, as someone who can “see the thoughts of others” I can see how the collective is currently manifesting thought forms at this time. If the collective, if each person, could become conscious that they are creating their own fear, infecting others, and actually creating an outcome that they say they don’t want, we could turn this ship around.

But as long as we continue to hold onto what Eckhart Tolle calls the pain body and the ego, we will continue to create a world of fear, limitation, narcissistic pre-occupation, fostered by the illusions of a child that is trembling in the dark and looking to be saved by the time Easter arrives.

Love is

Love is
Mightier than any victory
Sharper than the sword
Great conquerer of petty kings
No fragile thing is love
And so when love arrives
You will lose your breath.
You will know.
No doubt you will know
For at first you will fear it
trembling in ecstatic woe
Until you, drained, surrender
to be with the fierce courage
Of being what love is.

Do Not Fear

Book of the Dead: Weighing of the Heart

What is in your heart?
What has been in the hearts of all?
Do we know the evil we have held?
How much darkness has blinded us?
How many children have been lost
without justice, without love?
Lofty heads cannot fight the gravity.
Release what binds you,
and your heart will be as the feather.

Where One Is

Everything that we were,
we ran from.
Everything that we will be,
we ran to.
Everything we are
is what we have always been.
Sit and be silent,
You will hear a mind that worries
You will hear a mind that regrets
You will hear the songs of woe.
Let the ocean tides scatter it all,
Let the sea swallow every shadow,
Gulls fly into the above and below,
wings announcing their horizon,
Even let these go, let the birds go,
Sit and be silent,
Everything that you were,
you are.
Everything that you will be,
you are,
a rose blooming with her thorns,
everywhere from the earth
where one may be,
there is the all.

Plato: Limited Mind of an Infinite Soul

Enchanted we are by the colorful swirls of mind, just as we are enchanted with the evening sunset; except in the case of mind, we fear what happens when night falls and the colors begin to fade. And that is how our monsters are born and continue to live in mind, inside our days.

The Limited Labyrinth of Mind

Plato’s dialogues are a labyrinth of the possibilities of mind, but mind is a limited energetic system. It can only comprehend so much and in so many ways. That means that the patterns it uses can be mapped, understood, detected – and manipulated by sources both outside and inside. The simplicity of the mind is concealed by its sheer imagination and its ability to reflect the truth as a mirror reflects the true face. Plato’s works are an attempt to give us that mirror, so that we can see our illusion more clearly, more wondrously, more precisely – for the purpose of letting it all go. Plato’s dialogues are of such depth and beauty that the philosopher, Alfred Whitehead, once said:

“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”

There is literally nothing that you can think that does not have its paradigm in Plato’s dialogues.  And there is nothing stopping you from mastering the nuances of your own mind, enough to free yourself from its powerful spell, a spell that makes you think the problem is “out there” or “in here”; the spell that thinks you “can’t survive” or “deal” with something. The spell that says you are “unworthy” or “not smart enough”. The universe is infinite and so are you. Your soul is an unstoppable, ever present force. But your mind? It is always limited and it will keep you limited if you live inside of it, at the expense of everything else. Unfortunately, most of modern mankind lives in the mind and lives in the limitation of mind. And it’s only fear? Is “trespassing” over its own self-imposed limitations. Yes, we are a strange bunch. We self-harm by means of the mind and it is the mind that we are afraid to violate by ceasing our self-harm.

That is because you trust the mind. And the tricky thing about your mind, is that it can convince you it has all the bases covered – that you have “everything handled”. The mind, after all, imagines it can talk about the “whole” or “unity” or “love” or “self” simply because it has a definition of it. But the mind also has definitions of “half” or “separation” or “fear”, simply because it has to. The mind cannot really see anything as whole because it always has “half” to accompany it. It cannot understand any black without white or any loud without soft. And when we live in the mind, we will have to ride those waves of up and down, in and out, without any rest. When we find love, we will find also fear. When we find dark, we will find light. We will feel unstable. And we will be unstable. That is why, Socrates says:

How strange it seems to be, men, this thing men call pleasure: how amazingly it grows into seeming to be its opposite, pain; yet, for the human being, both never occur together at the same time; if someone should pursue and seize one, they will always be required to take the other as well, as if both, though two, are bound to a single source. And it seems to me, he said, that if Aesop recognized this phenomenon, he would have put together a story like this: The god, in being unable to make the two enemies friendly with each other, attached both of their heads to the same head, and because of this whenever one would emerge, the other one follow later. At any rate, that is how it seems to be to me: For there appeared to be pain in my leg from the shackles, and now pleasure has arrived in its turn.

Plato, Phaedo, 59c

The See-Saw of Mind

All of our suffering in life is caused by our attachment to mind in some fashion or form. We are constantly taken on a thrilling ride by its see-saw, of one extreme to the other. And inside this polarity of opposites, we formulate our opinions and judgments of acceptance and avoidance. One minute we like someone, the next minute we don’t. We become confused, unstable, and unable to be constant in our relationships to others or ourselves. It all might feel chaotic and often times depressing or exhilarating, but it is not chaotic. The mind is at work here and the mind always follows rules and the rule in particular, is the rule of polarity. It is the rule of polarity that makes us afraid to reach out and commit, for we know that we will suffer the opposite feelings soon enough. We are ecstatic one day but soon we fall into disappointment. This is what causes most people to give up on their dreams, their hopes, the true destiny.

Identity as Prison

Plato refers to the mind as prison of noetic (noos, mind) or mental laws.  To learn about these laws you can refer to the Seven Hermetic Principles. For the purpose of this article, the best way to begin to understand what Plato means when he talks about mental prisons is to watch young children playing. They can pretend they are doctors, but they can do this in full awareness that they are just playing. They are enjoying the imagination that their mind fashions for them without attachment. When they stop the playtime, they go back to being empty of those playful/false identities. Meanwhile, as we age, we begin to formulate identities that stick. These identities are formulated in the mind. We start to “know who we are” and in this certainty we find a bit of strength and independence. We are told, after all, that “knowledge is power” and so we figure “self-knowledge” is absolute power. We begin to say “this is not me” and “that is me”.  However, that independence and strength is an illusion created inside yet another polarity, me vs. them or self vs others. We are not really knowing who we are. That self that is outside of “others” is an illusory self. It becomes a prison of our own making. We are only knowing what our mind says we are, and we are surrendering to it. Before we know it, we are approaching aged fifty, and we have become a paradigm of habit, hardened opinions, and unresolved dreams and anxieties. And if something happens in the world that forces us to release ourselves from habits, we feel as if we were a drug addict separated from his or her drug.

The mind is a mechanism for spell-casting and illusions. It can shape and mold our mental patterns, and so our emotions, and our entire lives. It is at its most powerful when we, as human beings or as friends or as countries or as clubs or religions, agree with each other. When we agree, the spell is nearly impenetrable except by those who have great mental power and conditioning to withstand the “herd”. The bird who strays from the flock will have to take on the challenge of cultivating his or her own will, to reach deep within to find their own true direction. Every one of us has that innate ability, that birthright to self expression and absolute freedom and bliss. The only reason we doubt that we have access to bliss is because we are trapped and addicted to the life that mind has cultivated for us.

Mind as Addiction

In the modern world, we are completely ruled by the mind. But this hegemony of mind in the modern world is simply an imbalance, a kind of indulgence similar to our indulgence in pleasures such as entertainment or food and drink. The mind, like food and drink and entertainment, is not a bad thing by itself. The mind is a tool for sorting, estimating, organizing, knowing. We cannot function without the mind and its ability to categorize and understand. But Plato, in the mouth of Socrates and throughout many of his dialogues, describes knowledge as being a like a boat that works for a while. But he cautions that we should always be on the lookout for a better boat. In other words, the search for knowledge should continue. We should not stay in one boat or identity forever. This is why philosophy means “the love of wisdom”. We are not the possessors of wisdom, but always the seeker; forever the seeker. The lover of science or the lover of art should always make sure to keep seeking the true, the good, and the beautiful. To stop doing this is to fall into the illusion of mind, back into the prison, back into the polarities.

And the modern world loves its illusions and feels “alive” in its illusions. We love excitement and business and stimulation. We have a very low tolerance for neutrality, peace, quiet, slowness. We instead prefer to be addicted to a world that loves to make impressions and loves to make itself popular, known, heard, and wanted. We find power in the busi-ness of mind. We need to find a way to market ourselves or make what we have popular in order to achieve money, fame, relevance. We live inside the mind, not only in our waking moments, but in our dream-time and in times when it would be best to not be in our mind, but to be perhaps in our hearts or our bellies.  We are very fearful of leaving our minds and we are very possessive over what we think we “have” in them. It doesn’t matter whether the mind is working in the subconscious or the conscious. It doesn’t matter if you experience feelings or ideas. It is all from the same place, the fluctuation of the mind. In the Yoga Sutras, it is said that:

Union or wholeness (yoga) is restraining the fluctuations natural to the mind.

Yoga Sutras, 1.1. Patanjali,

And it doesn’t help you that people around us are also in their minds and think that what their minds contain IS them. When we reach out to each other, we are mostly doing it in terms of the way the mind can understand and assess. Is this person “good for me”? Does this person have “what I want”? What should I say? In a digital world, this becomes even more apparent, as we are no longer interacting energetically with each other or through the heart-space. We are simply reading or hearing words/speech most of the time and as we are doing that, we are just processing, assessing, judging, ignoring, taking note. We become disheartened, or obsessive, we desire and we fear, we feel pain or pleasure. Rarely are we able to just be, to just enjoy another’s company or our own without experiencing the drama, the see-saw of polarity that the mind is addicted to and finds comfort in, the chasing and making things happen, the running and the fear of things happening at all. We do all this, and never really find powerful intimate connection. We just bump into each other, and fall away from each other and move on along, as if nothing significant happened. We don’t see the birds or hear the rain or hear each other. We are just pushed along with the tides, occasionally glancing at scattered memories and vague impressions.

Neutral in the Heart Space

So many people feel alive in these dramas of mind. A sense of peace and neutrality would actually scare them. This is a sad affliction because inside that neutrality is where we find the holy grail: unconditional love and acceptance. It is where we are closer to our hearts and our divine nature and the divine itself.

Some who read this might think that they are different, especially those who think of themselves as being spiritually awakened. But much of what is considered to be spiritual is just more of the mind. The mind is the seat of the imagination, of any kind of comprehension whatsoever, the “knowing” of the divine or the human things. The psychic or the seer “knows” things.  Now, there is nothing wrong or false about this kind of seeing, but the distinction must be made. Are we knowing what mind is telling us, or are we knowing what the heart is telling us? How many know the difference? Some seers will say that “they just know or they have a feeling”.  Actually, all of us speak this way. But feelings are undifferentiated and undistinguished mind-games. How do you know that you are not just expressing an impression of mind?

One way of knowing whether or not you are sourcing from mind or heart is to determine whether or not you are in a state of neutrality. When you are neutral, you see or hear or know things despite your opinions, tastes, desires, fears, and expectations. When you see from the heart, you see it with complete openness and acceptance. You cannot tell a lie. You don’t say things in order to please your make yourself look powerful. Even the feeling of being powerful, is a sign that you are in a delusion.  Ask yourself, if your powers of insight were gone tomorrow, would you feel bad about yourself? Would you be neutral? If the answer is “neutral”, you are seeing from the heart.

However, even when we see from the heart – and we always have those moments – it is easy to quickly slip back into the mind as soon as you start assessing and judging. That subtle slip back into mind is like a cloud that suddenly conceals the light of the sunny day. Socrates, the philosopher in Plato’s dialogue, represents this Zen state of consciousness. He doesn’t ever react to those who speak with them. He doesn’t become enraged or disheartened. He actually usually doesn’t want to be talking to anyone at all. The Republic, for example, begins with Socrates just wanting to go home. He is not interested in selling his philosophy or his powers of intuition. He is very, as Nietzsche said, “boring”. Socrates is the one balancing in the middle of the see-saw, always attempting to lead both sides to balance, no matter what they hurl at him. He is always neutral, almost in a state of bliss, that is beyond the comprehension of most people. Phaedo remarks about him, at his deathbed:

Truly I experienced wondrous things while I was there. For although I was present for the death of a man dear to me, pity never occurred to me: the man appeared quite happy to me, Execrates, both in his manner and his words; and he came to his end so fearlessly and nobly that he seemed to me to be going to Hades by divine fate, and when he would get there,  he would do quite well if indeed anyone ever could.

Plato, Phaedo, 58e.

The Way out of the Prison

The way out of the prison that is mind, is to allow what is in mind to come to an end. To put a ceasefire on the addictions, the desire to be loved, the desire to be seen, the attachment to one’s own powers, the need for excitement, drama, and feelings of empowerment. Zen Buddhists might talk about the thoughts of being like clouds in the sky. You can watch them, but you must learn how to let them pass. You must learn how to let the false-self pass. Do not attach yourself to it. Each time a cloud passes, you might look at it, and even engage in it, but you must also, if you want to remain free and happy, let them go. This “letting go” might even feel like a death if the attachment is strong. In Plato’s Phaedo, this death is called teleusis, an ending, perfection, completion. In our modern world, we would call it “ego-death”. But I don’t like the concept of ego-death, because there is no death or end of the ego. The ego itself is simply a mental construct, a way to understand ourselves inside a particular branch of knowledge called psychology. To understand yourself as an ego, is not going to help you to let go of ego, because you are still in the mind, fighting the so-called ego – which doesn’t even exist.  The only way out of the prison of the mind is to learn how it works, just like the only way out of a labyrinth is to pay attention, do not succumb to fear and desire, learn how it works, to remember the patterns and the wrong turns.  You can see these patterns if you spend time in occupations of the mind: logic, philosophy, computer programming, the sciences, music, the arts, rhetoric, story telling, dream analysis. All structure, all plot, all story relies on patterns, logic, simile, metaphor, and/or demonstration in order to be convincing. Practice catching the mind in the act. The more you do that, the more you start to feel and experience the self that is you. For you are the consciousness that is watching mind and its tricks and is actually separate from it. You are the one who can change,add, subtract from the presentation of mind. You are the conductor, the maker of your own world, the sound of your music.

So to become Zen or neutral does not mean you shouldn’t experience polarity or excitement or disappointment. It just means that you attempt to avoid becoming attached to the polarities. You can use the presence of a polarity or an extreme to alert you that you should come back into balance. Coming back into balance means being able to be the child at heart. To be still in bliss even as the world is falling apart; to see the sun when the rain clouds arrive; to love unconditionally when all seems to shun you. You realize that you are powerful with the tool that is your mind, instead of being a victim of it, and so you are able to create with more depth, power, and wisdom than you could have ever dreamed and with a peace and control of presence that is as powerful as the shining sun. For your soul is who you actually are; the unlimited infinite soul that is not the mind but uses the mind; you, the pure light of consciousness who love unconditional, and holds a presence that is as free and sure as the space that is all the universe.

When the attributes cease mutative association with awareness, they resolve into dormancy in Nature, and the indweller shines forth as pure consciousness. This is absolute freedom.

Yoga Sutras, Patanjali, 4.34

Love in the Time of Corona

All these, years, I would look for you,
in the sky as I flew
in the mountains as I climbed
upon the grass as I walked.
I even searched for you in the faces of others,
and I would use words to hold your hand,
and I would sing songs to reach your heart,
and use my body to reach inside your soul.
But only silence, only silence was the echo.
I would cry. How deeply I, bereft, would cry,
a love that was lost no matter how hard I’d try.
But today I have found you right here,
for I feel the sun shining from within me,
and I feel my heart flowing with the waters,
the rivers all converging into a greater flood,
people breathing fresher air, feet on the ground,
springtime all around,  flowers lovely peeking
around the corner where children play to seek,
each one blooming, left in peace together growing
as the wisdom of roses, fed by a Love that is Forever.