moving on

she looked upon the grand castle she had built,
years as layers of stones strong, fixed, sure
now complete with everything in proper place
beautiful and triumphant against bluest skies
but it no longer had any need of her fine craft
and so she would walk outside along the roads
looking for a soul that might show her new ways
to see something other than castles and clear skies
but no one would approach her except bird and mice
so she quickly took to strange valleys and hills
then trails haphazard of the nearby shady forest
trees giving crowded comfort to her loneliness
as the summer sun played with the dancing shades
until winter cast shadows shaped stiff and rigid
and she would conceal herself holding heat within
especially in the afternoons of winter she loved
when the sun would without regret tearless depart
leaving her alone in dark despair, heart beating
in both fear and desire to have him lost to her
just so she could feel the passion deep longing
for the sun that always returns but never remains.

Copyright © 2019 Stacey Harris

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