Channeling: Society, Entertainment and Anxiety

This is my first publication of a channeling session. I generally do my channeling every morning and it usually arrives with a level of energy and power that is so immense I can’t even write quickly enough. What is presented here are some observations on the current state of entertainment in society and how it is directly linked to the anxiety epidemic. I also receive this channeling in the form of certain perspectives. It feels as if my mind’s eye is being directed to look at various structures and imbalances in the way we are living currently. I just write it down as given to me. All of the observations are linked together but not necessarily in an obvious way. They are meant to be read with an active mind. They are observations not directives. I hope you get something out of them.

Aristotle wrote books on how to differentiate the essence of something and what is not essential to that essence. We still haven’t listened – it is just too much work and being in error is better than doing work. But if we had listened, racism, sexism, all -isms would be impossible.

What is possible for something is always determined by the nature of that something. If we understood what the essence of being human is, we might have a better idea of what is possible to manifest in this life of ours. But we are a culture who is absorbed in entertainment and distraction. Even good things such as exercise and science are abused to avoid looking at the nature of reality in the mirror.

ENTERTAIN: late 15c., “to keep up, maintain, to keep (someone) in a certain frame of mind,” from Middle French entretenir (12c.), from Old French entretenir “hold together,stick together,support,” from entre- “among” (from Latin inter ; see inter-) + tenir “to hold” (Latin tenere)

Entertainment in excess is a vice that is deadlier than cigarettes. It leads to absorption inside the other, and a lack of recognition of the self, and therefore a lack of unity and wholeness. The self becomes a pastiche of various opinions and personalities and dramas that do not seem to make a cohesive whole. They battle against one another for dominance. The individual who is absorbed within the world like this has difficulty processing his life a unit. He will always avoid intimacy because he will feel there is nothing there.

Entertainment sells. Even shopping has become entertaining and self indulgent: Amazon. Videos, emails, social media, video games, books, online courses. Advice, opinions, wise people everywhere. Everywhere you look, there is a place to dive into away from yourself.

Modern consumer culture is not of things, but of entertainment and information. Directly linked to anxiety. Anxiety arises from a loss of control and feelings of panic. Yes, when you spend most of your life listening to the world outside instead of inside, you are going to panic.

In life, we’re meant to build our own sea vessel. Most people are spending their time looking to buy sea vessels,find opinions about sea vessels, different techniques for building/navigating them. Scared and unfulfilled they then spend the rest of their time Googling “anxiety”

Holy Place: That emptiness you talk about within you? That “nothingness”? It is just the quiet space where no noise can enter, a holy place, a place of serenity and peace. And should you remain there still for a while, you will witness how the divine light enters you.

In life, we’re meant to build our own sea vessel. Most people are spending their time looking to buy sea vessels,find opinions about sea vessels, different techniques for building/navigating them. Scared and unfulfilled they then spend the rest of their time Googling “anxiety”

You can’t catch the right fish? Maybe you are in the wrong ocean.

There are so many drugs designed to alleviate our fear of life. There are predators who both consciously and unconsciously have an interest in perpetuating fear – just to have that big house and a yacht. The irony is they are more afraid than the people they sell their drugs to.

Society operates the way birds fly together. The individuals inform together making a perfectly balanced arrow shape in the sky. There are those who lead the way and those who follow behind, but they all keep in sync together. It is not true that the leading bird is showing the way. He is showing the way in the context of what is possible within that species of bird. He is limited by that, and he will do what is expected of him in that society. A society that feeds off of fear and pain, will make sure that fear and pain remains and that their leaders do not disturb or transform that pain through cures or rehabilitation.

We think that voting for new leaders will change society. That is an illusion. The leaders will not change anything. They will only increase the addiction and ailments in which the current society thrives.

Once you find your light and your power for good, you must be careful to keep it clear and powerful and nurturing for yourself and for those around you. It is easy to get caught up in all sorts of energies that will keep you away from seeing clearly.

So how to transform society? You don’t. Societies can only be dissolved or become unusable, like an old glove that has too many holes to be useful anymore.

Once the consciousness can see the absurdity and uselessness of the society it is in, and once that consciousness spreads, the society as it was will be discarded and quickly.

Society has an energy that sticks to your person. Some people think that morality comes from society. That is not true. Morality comes from everything that isn’t society. Society will however use morality in order to make itself feel good.

Become aware of yourself as an entity or being who has society’s fingers all over you. It could be felt or viewed as obscene. Certainly, inappropriate.

Going within doesn’t mean you want to be forever isolated from society. It is just that going within will allow us all to create a better society more suitable to individuals who love life, soul, and the planet.

Raising your consciousness is not easy. It isn’t a yoga pose. I am not going to lie. You will feel like you are falling apart. And you are meant to fall apart. Keep going. What collapses so easily isn’t worth keeping.

What is truly yours and of yourself will never fall away from you. Everything else is not yours or of yourself, so let it go. The more you cling to what is not yours, the more you suffer.

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