I am Blind

I knew you before I saw you with my eyes
for I am blind, my love, blind I stumbled
knees bleeding upon the pavement I’d crawl
feet of New Yorkers scurrying shuffle truth all
with lies, they’d mix us in their heavy dreams
pigeons begging ‘round these our heads sitting
feathered upon park benches as bumbling bees
swarming around young and fat sweet flowerings
drowning we have been drowning in sad designs
doesn’t matter if I am old and you are young
they tell us all that we must breathe the smog
with a smile if we want to gain their crowns
from where pools of their blood leak into ground
but I knew you before I saw you with my eyes
you, why I am here wondering awestruck alive
you are clear sunshine, stars, a poem, the moon,
I saw you then, my love, and I will see you soon.

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