Dare to Dissolve (In the Storm)

behold is the storm that mustered power long ago
men and women thrashing limbs into those winds
lightning dashing down the arms of their ravings
how quickly they’d learn thunder must meet thunder
fire versus fire as universe twisting world entire

and so heroes were born during those ancient times
to forge the paths of Hell and to Heaven back again
channeling the light that bleeds from devils’ hearts
mixing with their blood upon the stained sacred parts
to transform their fears into what dreams are made of

why, you wonder, would a god create such a difficulty?
but gods were born against all the odds of wickedness
to shatter their hearts not to die but to truly live
for birthing is a blessed agony that creates a legacy
the majesty of every rose emerges amongst the thorns

we have forgotten all of this in our skyscraper walls
in comforts and sweets we protect our suckled souls
hearts inside bars of steel and iron mothers’ kisses
lest we fall, to break and forget how cowards listen
and so we remain here, unmoved purposeless despaired.

behold is the storm that mustered power long ago,
I sing for those who dare to surf the winds of air
for as heroes they will dare to dissolve from within
as sure as the winter melts for new springtime singing
joy cannot arrive except by our momentary dying glorious
darkness broken with the dawn of who we are becoming

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