Too High to Know (Nephilim)

And singing of the race of men and mighty giants,
they gave delight to the mind of Zeus upon Olympus
the Muses of Olympus, daughters of aegis-bearing Zeus
to whom Memory gave birth after she lay with him,
Zeus, their Father, the wise counselor of Eleutheros
to create Forgetfulness of painful woes and troubles.

αὖτις δ᾽ ἀνθρώπων τε γένος κρατερῶν τε Γιγάντων
ὑμνεῦσαι τέρπουσι Διὸς νόον ἐντὸς Ὀλύμπου
Μοῦσαι Ὀλυμπιάδες, κοῦραι Διὸς αἰγιόχοιο.
τὰς ἐν Πιερίῃ Κρονίδῃ τέκε πατρὶ μιγεῖσα
Μνημοσύνη, γουνοῖσιν Ἐλευθῆρος μεδέουσα,
λησμοσύνην τε κακῶν ἄμπαυμά τε μερμηράων.

Hesiod, Theogony, 50- 55

a violent storm arrived last night to remind me
of an ancient life I had learned many years ago
kept safe beneath the layers of Mind and Time
but Memory is a philosopher that bears no lying

I remember as these proudly walked the earth
Giants who fed whomever they wished to digest
beautiful robes concealing their ugliness of soul
blood splattered, but they were too high to know

despite this I wanted to sleep in a forgetful peace
as long as I’d keep it far beyond the moonlight
but heart, history hidden, wanted of truth to sing
what is real yet concealed from our mind’s being

where beneath the crown of pride is a frowning
the madness of lusting for money trinkets trifling
for there’s not enough to fulfill what has long gone
as far away as the wind over the sea has love gone

that wind howled chaos and made me shudder
screams as younger trees began to break asunder
for they live in talk of what they don’t want to know
talk sputtering blood upon the world down below

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