Love’s Liquid Surface

we spend such time and money
trying to make our life work
for ourselves, for those we love,
doesn’t matter if we are worn
doesn’t matter if we are ragged
we say the work is hard and long
and the goal makes pain worth it

but then something strange occurs
when you hear a wild river’s voice
water that flows as the wind blows
songs who soothe your monkey mind
a submission into love and smiles
red stars melting into pink moon
you remember how to feel the soul

we spend so much time and money
trying to buy the bliss of oceans
yet free is the rain-full bottles,
doors opening into infinite rooms,
hearts overflowing geometric shapes
you are the universe of the moon
treasures deep and manifold magic

I will always be here for you
for I have loved you for eternity
and as the snow comes and goes,
as sun rises and leaves the body,
I will be floating in this ocean
breathing in your light upon me
suspended in love’s liquid surface

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