Love and Yoga

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move.”


1. Atrophy. Everything has a force that wants to fall apart and sink back into the earth for decomposition and regeneration. Everything that is, except love.

2. Use it or Lose it. What you do not use will fall into atrophy. This includes ideas, inspirations, and hopes. If we do not manifest them, they will fight like fire to reach back into the stars. Love does not allow waste and laziness or preoccupations with frivolities.

3. Integrity. Love is a holistic high-frequency energetic force that strives to expand and embrace in its expansion. There is no destruction of this force. No beginning and no end.

4. Alignment Everything that does not align with the nature of love will fall away and decompose.

5. Stubborn. Most of the material world is stuck energy. The energy of the chair you are sitting in remains fixed inside its contained form and structure, both internal and external. The more binding its components are the longer it remains stuck. We can become stuck in matter as well, stuck in mind, stuck in heart. Many call this love and and on earth for thousands of years, we have tried make love something that is sticky and binding, attempting to imitated its unifying nature. But being stuck has nothing to do with love. Love is always freedom and fluidity.

6. Greed. We tend to collect to many things such as objects, money, attention, fame when we don’t know how to manifest from the living energy itself.

7. Creative energy is like rain water: it is free and it is always seeking to find its way into the ground.

8. Grounding. You are a living lightening rod for creative energy. It is your destiny. But like all electricity, that energy must be grounded, otherwise it will kill you.

9. Frustration. Most people are ungrounded and that makes them angry and spiteful. Nothing, they think, seems to go right for them. But what they don’t know is that things are not going right
because they are trying to make things happen for them, instead of manifesting them from their own energy field. In other words, they are trying to use ego to manifest and ego is always violent and unjust.

10. Undefinable. Love does not try to own or stick to anything. What it does is embraces and expands. Love is the expansion of a universe that is all-encompassing. It is both container and contained and containing nothing. It is the one.

11. Limits. Language has limits that love does not. This is why music is better suited to expressing love. However, even music has its limits. At the end of the day, the best expression of love is your own living heart, and that is only for you and the beloved to experience.

12. Understanding. Our desire to understand love often leads us to believing that our very understanding of it is love. Then we begin to believe that the representation of love is what love is. In this reality, we are for the most part constantly replacing what is real with what is false – and suffering for it. Our understanding does not have the capacity to understand anything about love.

13. Tantric Yoga. The best we can do is stand in love and express it to the best of our ability. The virtues in the words of Jesus, in Yoga, in any doctrine are an attempt to pattern our behaviors and thoughts inside of love. But still even these are not love. They are simply a human way to align with it in order to better manifest the intention of love energy.

14. Resistance towards Love. Love will often tear things and people apart in order to keep them properly together. Our false understanding of love doesn’t like this and will write dramatic songs about it.

15. Love is Peace. All the agony and war of the world would fall away naturally inside love. And it does.

16. Cupid is not the Enemy. Time and space are perspectives. Love has zero regard for them. Who you connect to on a deep soul level – who you truly and actually love – is not up to your decision making or plans.

17. Desire. For the millionth time, love has nothing to do with desire. Desire always comes from a place of lack and need, like hunger or thirst.

18. Our relationship to love is complicated. We want it to be what is not. We want to make happen for ourselves. The only way to love is to be love and the only way to be love is to find its energy expression within yourself enough to ground and create from it. It is the only way to bliss and happiness, to union, to yoga.

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