She of the Moon and Starry Skies

If you follow love’s heart alone, you will not be disappointed, for he has been with you all along, and she has with him the beloved of your dreams, she of the moon and the starry skies, who kisses those who reach the surface of the ocean’s deep, to take the light into the darkness below.

Two of Swans
  1. Attachment. Who we believe we are in the world is expressed in our attachment to aspects of the world. We become bound to them. Over time, we become stuck. Eventually we become them.
  2. Comfortable Pain. We would rather feel familiar pain and agony than feel ourselves. Our dramatic stories of love lost and heroic feats of unrecognized kindness, like television and music and movies, become distractions that carry us away. And the longer we do this, the less willing we become – unless by some divine intervention – to realize this folly of our life. In most cases, if some do discover this little truth, most learn to make regret their bedfellow and so they create even newer distractions until they find the final distraction in their own death.
  3. Deep Divers. As we dive deeper into who we are, we give ourselves permission to enjoy certain levels of the deep for a time, to stay and look around and become familiar if not proud. There be dragons and there be egos here. But then one day we get a tiny peek at how much deeper is our vast universe and at the moment, fear strikes our heart – for deep space is lonely and dark – and we recoil, hoping to go back to ego and dragons. But we surprisingly find we that we cannot go back, for we have discovered that the current level of existence is not authentic to the depth that Self is, and so we face a choice: we can either stay in what is not truly ourselves, or we can gather up the courage and love to go towards ourselves even deeper.
  4. Healthy and Unhealthy Ego. Our egos are not by themselves bad. The ego can be roughly understood to be a boundary of identity and a living energetic being that by and large reflects who we want to be in the world. Just like the body, the ego requires care and support and nourishment. But most people don’t pay attention to energetic bodies. They can barely pay mind to their own physical body, let alone something they cannot see with their two eyes. Unhealthy egos spend most of their time defending themselves and preventing the person who holds the ego from growing or transforming into something outside of it. The ego will defend itself against anything that threatens to change it – at all costs. It justifies even the most cruel actions against its imagined enemies because anything foreign to it is a danger and a threat. To make matters worse, the ego will call this self defensive love and will use love as a way to justify its own brutality against itself and others. At this point the ego is simply thriving on fear alone and it feeds off the fear of others as well, for “others” are always an enemy to the ego-self who fears its own demise. On the other hand, an ego that is truly powerful and healthy is fluid and can transform itself depending on its condition without harming or diluting its integrity. The healthy ego embraces difference and truly stands in love without compromising its integrity. This healthy state of ego is not easy to achieve in a culture that celebrates the unhealthy ego.
  5. Children of Egos. Kids who are raised by unhealthy fear-based egos become driven by fear and illusion. They become the world that their parents created for themselves. If a child, as he grows, does not uncover this deception for himself and ascend above it, he will continue to cultivate the diseases and neuroses that will finally ruin him. Some call this karma. I call it travesty. We all have an opportunity to heal not only ourselves, but all the generations that preceded us.
  6. Withholding Love. The vibration of love is deep and passionate and it arouses the feelings of unity and compassion and connection to all the world. How do you know you are far from your true self? You simply need to notice your indifference towards all the others, especially those from you withheld love.
  7. Love as a Threat. We withhold love from others because we are afraid of the intensity of it. Many people – most people (or should I say egos) – find love to be a threat. And they are not wrong.
  8. Destruction. Love strips away all that isn’t you. It will tear your heart out if it believes it to be a fake. Make no mistake, you are never destroyed by love. The only thing that love destroys is that which does not allow you to love. Let it die.
  9. Love Destroys Ego. The first thing ipso facto that love destroys is the ego. Not half of the ego, not three-quarters, but all of it.
  10. Love Heals. Music does not heal. Only love heals. Music that is created inside love will heal. The rest will be destroyed in time and space and forgetfulness.
  11. Vibration. Art that does not match the vibration of love will fall to the wayside. It doesn’t matter how popular it becomes, it will not resonate. It doesn’t matter how expensive a piece of art is, you will not be able to hear it in the hearts of mankind. Just because you hear the music in the grocery store and in the cars of babes, it doesn’t mean that it flows in the blood and the soul of the universe.
  12. Adoration. What is adored by the world is an illusion that ego loves to entertain. But who is adored by you is in love towards you the same.

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