Beneath the Sun of Illumined Shadows

there is a path through the plains where they all walk
where grass no longer grows and where the animals balk
familiar is the direction of their ever daily sauntering
hot sun kindly offering to them even their own shadows
yet miracles of these aspects are unseen in their chatting
for there is no wandering in safe and easy circumstancing
and they already know the beginning of the end of the way
earth shaped in so many smiles for the devil’s birthdays
so then it is up to the heavens alone to offer revelations
worlds unimaginable, walking through seas of fire dragons
breathing as the fish do, but through mighty lungs of trees
and I sleep there beneath the waves feeling just your heart
all its light and heaviness, your balance, your falling apart
are also my light and heaviness, my balance, my falling apart
don’t you know now that we are forever lovers together alone
that we sleep to wander beneath a sun of illumined shadows?

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