Dancing Upon Mirror’s Edge

my dreams are as the Australian storms who confuse a single day
sunshine dancing between rain drops’ “pitter-patter” as they say
street cars sinking into mud and sea; faces burning in the heat
Where do I go: to fire or to flood? Either way I’ll be undone!

but every nightmare has a rainbow hidden from eyes forsaken
beyond the event horizon, beyond what you believe is awakened
where truth is a dusky mirror; your life, the pieces of a puzzle
tiny projections upon the wall: choose the fairest one of all.

did you know that you can walk right through the waterfalls?
for I have seen a man walk upon the water even as he drowns
people dancing with broken mirrors; blood feeding thirsty ground
for how much pain there is in following tiny false reflections

Yet how much pain in not following them?
For where will they go?, they wonder: to fire or to flood?
Perhaps it is better that we keep our hands in our blood.

but this road leads to who you may be to find out who you aren’t
I know the lies of philosophy, Shakespeare untwisted every knot
laughing and crying, living and dying: the drama keeps its running
balancing upon mirror’s edge, blind how close we are to falling

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