This Body (Mirror)

there is a lake of crystal midst the shadows of the trees
within swim not the fish but the reflections of every sea
above which birds travel upon the bridges of the heavens
they bravely gather in wonder and in fear near the edges

for most do fear to travel there along the icy paths alone
and although its dark quiet will be brightened by the sun
you’ll never hear a sound except the hum of nature’s song
your lonely heart drumming in a symphony by its own

upon your arrival at the lake you’ll look upon its mirror,
reflection of the sea: what was, what is, and what will be
Time climbs as cresting waves to fall silent yet again
ever dissolving to the death of what you know has been

your breath rising and falling as the waters ebb and flow
and your spirit inspires the might of the shadowing boughs
roots as claws that dig beneath the dark shimmering lake
Dare you to consecrate this body you were gifted to take?

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