I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.

Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

Every action is an affirmation of that action.
Every step is a Yes to where you are going
and a Yes to what you are leaving behind.

You are always being the creative Yes
With every step you create a sound and a vision
and your words are magical spells that resound.

Your emotions are an affirmation of your emotions.
Your anger is a Yes to anger.
Your kindness becomes a salve for enraged pity

You choose to be in a certain way because you say Yes to it.
You think it is a complaint, but you are just playing a role,
an actor in a stage play, you enjoy the troubled characters.
You sing the songs of tragedy so that you may keep the tragedy,
and you blame others for causing what the song despairs.

There is a light in darkness that you cannot now see,
and so you believe there is no such thing as the light.
for Mickey Mouse didn’t believe anything either,
for Mickey Mouse has no consciousness to believe
and you pretend to be a cartoon character that is drawn,
not a human being who always chooses what is Yes.

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