Do You Notice?

do you notice
as you walk deeper into the night,
all lights forced by hands recede,
but the Moon still watches over you,
for she borrows from the daytime Sun?

do you notice
how hard Shame tries to make the Beautiful,
while birds are simply singing their songs,
effortless as the rambling rivers down go on,
coaxed higher by Moon and the wild windy flow?

do you notice
the man who seeks Fame creates attention
in a wobbly world that cannot its attention keep
and so he sows the seeds of Anger and Resentment
against the Moon, the Sun, the Gods of the Deep?

do you notice
how a wound ignored becomes paint upon brush,
splashed upon this imagination or canvas such
“better,” says the artist, “that all creation feel my pain
than I alone suffer without the Rainbow and the Rain.”

do you notice
as Time runs all the Spaces in his Order,
you are trying to catch his art to be “mine”
placing each delicate note inside your mouth
that you might yourself sing pretty for a while?

do you notice
how many want to make themselves heard,
but all that flows are confused shadows hissing
that we can’t hear the birds simply singing songs
effortless as the rambling rivers down go on?

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