The Fallacy of Using Spiritual Practice in order to Understand the World

But the truth is that we will not find clarity through spirituality or through going within because nothing on the outside can ever be clear. Why? Because what is on the outside in the world of material objects and shapes, is illusion.

I was meditating this morning for an hour or so and I am moved to share what I saw during that meditation. Take what resonates. Discard what doesn’t.

I went into the meditation, and after a certain amount of time, I went into a remote viewing session, with the intention of being shown what is going on right now with the virus. I saw a lot of things, much unclear, as remote viewing usually is. But there are an awful lot of children being treated somewhere and many doctors are working on treating them. I saw tunnels and beings who were protecting those who were going in out of the tunnels.

But the content of the remote viewing session is not what I am writing about. The larger and more powerful message is what I want to articulate.

When we are confused about what is going on in our life, we seek outside sources to inform us: friends, family, media, teachers, YouTube videos, the news, etc.  Yet the more we search for these answers outside of ourselves, the more unclear things become. At that point, we have to do a lot of digging and searching, for the nature of the world is illusion, and the truth is not readily found or “bought”.  However, most of us don’t want to dig, and want to be instead “saved”.  So, the only way we can achieve clarity and thus safety with outside information is to by and large shut ourselves off from most of it and choose to listen only to what agrees with our palette. Its like looking at an entire smorgasbord and focusing only the ice cream, and to focus on it so much that all that exists on the smorgasbord is ice cream. People could be screaming “carrots”, “peas” and potatoes, but like any dog is wont to do, we can fixate on the ice cream, barely even hearing or seeing the others surroundings. We are just happy to be with the ice cream. We feel safe and happy with the ice cream. This is how most people choose political opinions, financial choices, relationships, etc. This is how most people shut off the cacophony of mental distortions of external information. We pick one thing and stick with that, many defending it till the death. No one is going to take that ice cream from us. No one. And then we live that way.

But some of us are present to the confusion, the conflicting stores, the illusory nature of the world, and so we seek elsewhere, with an ardent passion to find the truth. Some of us go within, especially when we finally realize that there are no answers “out there”. Yes, the X-Files was wrong. The answer is not “out there”. As a result, we seek to go into meditation or prayer or remote viewing or psychic healing, or some other spiritual modality that might allow us to see clearly what is before us.

But the truth is that we will not find clarity through spirituality or through going within because nothing on the outside can ever be clear. Why? Because what is on the outside in the world of material objects and shapes, is illusion. Speech, art, media, all of it – is illusion. Even what we think love, friendship, kindness is: all illusion. Yet, when we go inward to find the truth of what is going on outside of us, we are still believing that there is something outside of us that can become or made to be clear on the inside, as if somehow the illusion can be made to be other than what it is, if we shine a brighter light on it.  The opposite actually happens. The more we shine our inner light on our outside world, the more we see the illusion, incongruities, the impossibilities, the death and the life of everything, the façade and the masks. Yet many of us persist and often seek financial advice or relationship tips or assistance with our emotions from God or some other being. Some of us have great imaginations and a powerful mind, and we see things in that inner realm that make us believe that we see what is happening. But this too is also illusion. You cannot go inward to discover what is outside. When you go inward, you discover what is inward.  But what is inward, and why would you go there, if not to make your outward life clearer, better, more joyful?

The answer is in the word “make”. You do not make what is inward. What is inward is what you are and who you are. That is all. What you make, on the other hand, is up to you. What you make and what everyone else makes will eventually show up on the “outside”. Are you making or creating from who you are? Or are you making and creating from whatever illusion you believe is outside of you or belongs to you or is like you?  Furthermore, the outward is the illusion from the perspective of truth, and the inward is not, and that means that if you seeing the inward as the path to clarity of what is “outward”, you are not present to the inner at all – for the opposites are illusory manifestations of the one. You just are, everywhere and always. You are the infinite. What you make, on the other hand, shows up in the world, apparently outside of you. When you create a duality between outside and inside, your mind is attempting to sever the connection between you and your world. It is the mind that takes you in that kind of powerlessness, severing not only your connection to being, but everything else’s connection to be. Unfortunately, in our current world, mind is king, and feelings of powerlessness have driven people to addictions of all kinds , depression, anxiety, phobias, and even suicide.

The confusion we suffer causes so much pain and feelings of hopelessnes and helplessness because we are not present to who we are as being, as presence, as powerful creators, as beings who create through our hearts, then our minds, then our hands.  But as it stands now, in the lower consciousness of separation and fear, we will never get the answers we want about the world, because there are no answers to be given. There are only possibilities that can be seeded and conceived through our own being. We can choose to make ourselves and our lives more difficult and more filled with suffering if we refuse to allow our consciousness to rise to our own self-awareness as creator. We can continue to choose to give into panic or fear, as we have been doing at this current time. But if we don’t want to suffer, and we want to live a joyful life and create a better world, we can choose to raise our consciousness beyond fear and lack and participate in a world that expresses that higher consciousness.  Many who read this will say: But I don’t matter. I am just one person. How can my consciousness or lack of it affect the entire world? The answer is that you are still in the mental illusion of separation.  We are all connected at all times and all places. Where one goes, all goes. The majority of the world right now is being subjected to great fear due to financial and physical hardships. It is like warfare and we are being hit hard. You don’t need to be a seer to know this, but as a seer myself, as someone who can “see the thoughts of others” I can see how the collective is currently manifesting thought forms at this time. If the collective, if each person, could become conscious that they are creating their own fear, infecting others, and actually creating an outcome that they say they don’t want, we could turn this ship around.

But as long as we continue to hold onto what Eckhart Tolle calls the pain body and the ego, we will continue to create a world of fear, limitation, narcissistic pre-occupation, fostered by the illusions of a child that is trembling in the dark and looking to be saved by the time Easter arrives.

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