You are Unconditional Love

We have lived in a world where we distrust our deepest instinct, namely to love unconditionally and to receive love unconditionally. There are so many reasons for this, historically, psychologically, and philosophically.  I won’t get into those reasons here. This short essay is simply a call to realize that consequences of our deep distrust that is not a distrust of a simple object, but is actually a deeper distrust of our own being and the source of all life.

The truth is that unconditional love is always available and always in infinite abundance, just as the air we breathe is in abundance. Yet we seemingly walk through life completely unaware of it, except when we happen upon love here and there. Yet “happening” upon love here and there is just conditional love. It comes. It goes. Most of us think that conditional love is all that there really is and that “unconditional love” doesn’t exist or is simply the domain of a divine being.  Why? Because we are taught that love is conditional. We are taught that everywhere. However, the truth is that we are unconditional love. It is the nature of our true being.  But there is also another truth about our being. We do not remember who we are. We do not remember that in our true being, we are a being of unconditional love.  In that sense, in our nature, we are in fact truly divine. We have completely forgotten that aspect of ourselves. And as a result, we have also lost touch of what the sacred truly is. Jesus himself never taught that the temple was sacred. He taught of the sacred nature of his soul, the spirit, and God himself. He taught us that we are all children of God, not our bodies, not our politicians, not our wealthy individuals or movie stars. He taught that you are what is sacred and pure and that whatever you create on this earth, be it music or temples or art or money, will also contain what pure and sacred due to the flow of the divine energy and intention.

Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. All who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as he is pure.  -1 John 3:2-3

The reason why so many doubt unconditional love, as if it were a unicorn or a pig that flies, is not because love is rare – it is not – but because we have created a fantasy where it is rare, a story, a structure of thought patterns, ego-filled dramas of unimaginable forgetfulness.  This fantasy is ratified by agreement with the world around us: our parents who withhold love if we do not obey; friends who like us only if we agree with them; the movies the treat love as something unique and difficult to find; music and poetry that sing of loss and woe and attachment.  We are divided politically because we are taught to do so. We are told to dismiss other people because it is what will make us feel accepted in society or because they disagree with us. We are also told we are worse than the animals rather than we are divine creatures. We have been brought up on a steady diet of contaminated food, air, entertainment that is filled with gratuitous violence and sex.  It is not hard to find art that does not sing of the travails of love or pretends that love is something that belongs to fairytales, as if love were something that was always lost or far from our grasp. And this is not a new or clever thing. The idea that love is like a little child rambunctiously flying around with a bow and arrow, ready to strike whenever and upon whomever it suits his fancy, is as old as literature is old, in the form of a boy named Cupid.

But remember the absurdity of all of this. Remember that you are love, and in forgetting this, we chase, doubt, escape, fear and long for it again. Over and over the story of humanity is this relentless search for a love that seems to elude us, and causes us great pain, a pain in which we indulge with stories, songs, and self-pity.  We do this for so long that we teach ourselves to enjoy our loveless prison, just a prisoner learns to enjoy their captors.

And when we are not present to our being as unconditional love, and only see it as something we have to get with another person or an experience, we will test that person or experience, to make it prove that it is real. Many relationships are just a series of tests and re-tests, until the ultimate failure happens and the relationships end. For those who doubt the reality of unconditional love and therefore their own being, they will unconsciously create a test that they know will be impossible to pass. It is that impossible test that seals the prison of their own making. They have become so clever in their ability to debunk unconditional love, that their ego gives them solace with, at the very least, the trophy idea that they are “always right” about love.

This condition goes way beyond personal prisons. Many are so tortured by their perceived lack of love, that the only indulgence they can find is the torture and cruelty they can inflict on not only themselves, but on others. A life that is lived in the denial of love is a life that is lived to inflict its opposite upon the world. It is the relentless need to justify the reasons for its perceived abandonment by love. How can I make sense of my belief that love is not there for me? Well, I will make its opposite appear more real, truer, and more powerful.  It is at that point that the human being finds joy in causing darkness, distortion, and especially so in the presence of love. At some point, a person can go so far into darkness, that they can no longer even remember wanting love any more.   It is a sad condition because many the ones who hunger for love so deeply are the ones who want to bury it a deeply as possible. That is when the human being can, if they continue on this road, become a psychopath, a sociopath, or someone who can no longer even feel or imagine the possibility of light and love in their life.

But the pain will always be there, simply because unconditional love is not an emotion. It is actually the light of our life, the light of your being. It is what guides you back to what is good, beautiful and true. It is what connects you through empathy and compassion to all human beings everywhere.  When we lose that light, we lose our sense of humanity. We then become more like something worse than the animals.  Becoming worse than the animals is what this world has wanted for us. It has wanted us to despise ourselves and cause conflict, war, hate and pain within ourselves and each other. This world has been teaching us how to see everything except love in the world. The love that it does promote is generally a love that sees itself as being opposite to fear or hate and that is why those who “fight against hate” tend to become hateful themselves in the process. While unconditional love, the love that you are, is not opposite to anything. It is who you are and who you are is everything and connected to everything, something that only love itself can show you, can feel you, can teach you.

Our world right now is undergoing a massive awakening. It is an awakening that will begin the complete transformation of the world as we have known it and our ancestors have known it for centuries. We have lived in a false world that has been produced, written, and directed by those who fallen into darkness spiritually and physically. But through this grand awakening, our consciousness will no longer be able to deny its own presence as divine unconditional love itself. It is manifesting as a light that will shine over all the darkness that has engulfed this world, both for the individual and the collective. It will be difficult at times, because the light will show us what we haven’t yet wanted to see.  There will be pain. Some will choose to remain in denial, but they will be isolated and will no longer hold much power over the general flow of humanity. Yet, the more the old darkness clears away, and the more the lies and the deceit dissolve into sand, the more we will present to who we truly are as unconditional love. And what a world we will create for those who come to this world after us! We can only begin to imagine such a world and since we are who are only in the here and now, there is no better time to begin the new creation, than now.

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