Heart of the Timeless

you are here to remember the Heart;
that you must guard it, is an illusion,
that you must protect it, is a lie,
the bird often flies deep into shadow,
wing by wing, to fly back to the sky
feathers feeding your poetic mind
for I have painted you a tiny picture
wings declare motion inside your eye
have you seen this bird, or created it?
will you let her fly or does she stay in mind?
perhaps he will visit you this afternoon
perhaps she will visit you tomorrow,
is she ahead or behind? above or below?
will you allow him to sing a new song,
a spell upon the shadows in your ears?
who do you, after all, think you are?
It doesn’t matter whether I am dead
or alive or what I am, but only that It Is,
this Heart of the timeless infinite bird.

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