Love into Every Atom Spinning

all my days the waves have broken upon my quiet lonely shores
and the water weary of my tears would leave me standing forlorn

mind paralyzed by fear of the heavens dancing with passionate sea
mixing sun with seashells and the moon whose mirrors only seem;

My Love, the storm arrived today to break this frightening glass
into a billion sandy pieces crashed illusions between our souls

and the oceans stole them all, every grain upon my coast is lost
sinking to the bottom of the careless salty sea to be forgotten
finding tiny places to hide falling deeper into dark and rotten;

now our hearts freely dive into our river streams’ awakening
lullabies playing with the windy rhythm of our trees breathing
inhaling Spirit into universe and Love into every atom spinning

Path Easiest Traveled

I marvel as clouds swim fearless towards a morning sun
what is surely to become of them threatens them none
unlike we who in wild panic will flee to clearest safety
for our falling cleverness will grasp what is anything
do you remember never seeing more than one way
even though the path diverged a million creative ways
and yet you ran in fear along what was easiest to say
two eyes saw light showering upon it once upon a day
now languishing beneath the mothering trees and shade.

citizens of heaven

they’ve mocked me for what I see inside them
for I see their rainbows shine over sunless storms
love in their hearts when they sting and scorn
spirits of the dead who comfort their silent crying
angels sending messages of comfort for the dying
wide plains of light beyond what their eyes can see
where we deathless forever walk as music harmony
the light that drowns our drama of somber sorrows,
only our shadows imagine pain in what’s tomorrow
but courage is a magic spell to ascend into our hero
who gives us the gift of love not to have, not to hold,
but to be love, you, me, them, we citizens of heaven.