Shattered Mirror

When I wrote for you a poem,
I was surprised to see my love
in a mirror yet to be shattered
reflecting what was you was me.
Yet since that sad goodbye day
when we went our separate ways
when the mirror felled scattered,
I’ve searched wide and far between
for pieces of our sweet memories
to see ourselves smile once again;
our lower notes with the very high,
whiter colors with the blacker dyes
never ceasing this my lonely seeking
for our fragmented reminders who
when together manifest our desires.


We bounded up, he first and I second,
Until, through a round opening, I saw
Some of the lovely things the heavens hold:
From there we came out to see once more the stars.

Dante, Inferno, Canto XXXIV

I know where you are going, my love,
I wanted to protect you from its fires
where you feared you’d burn to ashes
but you escaped me as if I were you:
mirror, mirror on the bedroom wall
you will remain there reflecting all;
are you still running from hot illusion
or are you now emerging from it’s hell?
but whether you cross ashes or the flame
either to become phoenix or forgotten name
the gods within will never us untimely tell.