Starry Nights into the Sun

beyond the night the sun still shines
uncanny is the moon’s borrowed light
pulling sea away from seashore’s side
to only push it back again.

higher the waters climb towards heaven
tears wept as mementos to be ever kept
hoping one day the rains release them
teeming life instead of sorrows.

blood is spilled by our worldly cowards
their fear elects the shills of tyrants
while all the rest will nod their “yes”
hoping the eye of God is blind

but the eye sees as the light is free
I know this deep within the heart of me
a love to witness all that seems hidden
dissolving starry nights into the sun.

Where Longing Begins its Seething

And he was too blinded by rage for seeming to be by her unloved to see that he was loved beyond measure.


when did you start painting wide eyes upon the moon
as if her light’s not bright enough for afternoon?;
“as if”, for she reveals the shadows cast in sight
while the sun seeks relief in her shards of twilight
longing to break away from a hot and beguiling day

as such she comes to you in a quiet and humming tune
gentle as heaven’s angel, warm as a maiden in June
but your eyes are too heavy with the density of gravity
for what the sun revealed to you just hours before
the black raven stole away into nevermore nevermore

so nighttime is where your anger begins its seething
for its eyes aren’t convinced by mind’s contrivings
to make moon your lover and still refuse to kiss her
a wrong never to see the light of the blessed days,
hidden in corners of sky, blocking your every way

“Beloved, beloved,” your cursed heart will call her
whether you goad your wild horses upon your path
or keep them contained in the prison of your wrath
imagination still stirs willful lies into lullabies
dreams feeding where your longing begins its seething