Your New Sun

Forward he led me through many great spaces filled with the mysteries of the Children of Light; mysteries that man may never yet know until he, too, is a Sun of the Light.

Emerald Tablet II, The Halls of Amenti, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantan. trans. Doreal.

the New Sun has arrived, the one I saw in the reflective Moon,
rising and falling with clearing consciousness within you;
within Him, stars find their light and your heart heals its fright.
Yes, I’ve seen you in the dark, beyond this veil I have heard you
with or without me: it’s all the same when beyond Mind’s Eye.

you are never alone as you sit lonely in a big and boastful world,
miles away, I bless your tears to shower their love into a swirl
for I saw the old sun circling you, Love, a fiery and relentless burn
I who kisses you at birth and comforts you at the deadly turn,
for of this Sun’s Eternal Light, only in darkest caves we learn.