But like infection is the petty thought: it creeps and hides, and wants to be nowhere–until the whole body is decayed and withered by the petty infection… Thus spoke Zarathustra.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

as if a hundred little fish in the sky are singing
radio waves ringing to keep anxious minds afloat
upon petty tunes popular popping corks in the ocean
pretending to support those wounded mental bones
and by some strange magic that driftwood survives
without fear, without awe, without wondering why
for death’s embrace is their most willing surrender
flowing in a sea of living love they can’t remember.

Eternal Return

The greatest weight.— What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: “This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more; and there will be nothing new in it, but every pain and every joy and every thought and sigh and everything unutterably small or great in your life will have to return to you, all in the same succession and sequence – even this spider and this moonlight between the trees, and even this moment and I myself. The eternal hourglass of existence is turned upside down again and again, and you with it, speck of dust!”
Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus?… Or how well disposed would you have to become to yourself and to life to crave nothing more fervently than this ultimate eternal confirmation and seal?

Nietzsche’s The Gay Science, s.341, Walter Kaufmann transl.

old leaves fall so easily from the ancient wisdom trees
the wizened skin by the snake is so effortless to leave
but for the snake the new will be no different as before
even trees will offer similar life at springtime’s door

year after year we abandon to which we soon return
winter’s cold tears ever arouse in our summer’s burn
yet joy enrages the one smoldering in sorrow’s wrongs
for when he feels the sun he clings to shadows gone


“The degree and kind of a man’s sexuality reach up into the ultimate pinnacle of his spirit.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Love Growth and Destruction. Love brings us an opportunity to grow so as to become who we truly are. This also means that love brings us an opportunity to remove what isn’t who we truly are at all. When the chick hatches, it leaves behind the egg shell. When the butterfly leaves the cocoon, it doesn’t take it with them. It is finally free. This is why, for many, love is something with which they cannot afford to engage. They are still waiting for love to enter to where they are, to enter back into the cocoon, to return to the egg. The unnatural nature of that expectation doesn’t occur to them and so they suffer.

Bramachary (Celibacy) as a Precondition for Art. Augustus, the first Roman Emperor, had to institute the Lex Julia (laws of marriage) because no one wanted any part of it. He believed that marriage and the family were the bedrock of society for, at the time, Rome was dealing with rampant rape, violent sexual promiscuity, pedophilia, and various other types of unsavory behavior I don’t need to get into here. Suffice it to say, societal collapse was on the horizon and after Augustus passed, the madness continued, leading Rome into further and deeper decline. Meanwhile, romantic love, an idea that had its Western seeds in early Greek poetry, but began its long illustrious career in the late medieval-early Renaissance period, could only be possible under the misery/repression/boredom of marriage or loneliness due to lack of marriage, death, etc. The Eros of the Greek classical era, the wild orgiastic abandon of that god when mixed with the wine of a Dionysus, had all but vanished – thanks to the power of the Augustus, which was taken up by the Holy Roman Empire and the subsequent cultivation of chivalry and noble morality – from the general public perception. Sexual perversity was something that had to be removed or kept hidden. This “noble lie” as Plato had called it, lead to the burning of books, the concealment of ancient texts in the Vatican, the elimination of the mystery cults from the public consciousness. What this repression gave birth to however was a higher and more elevated expression of the now purified sexual urges. In the Yoga Sutras, this is called Bramacharya (celibacy), which is one of the Yamas (life practices) required for the true practice of yoga. It is a refinement and a purification of the sexual drive. This is essential in order to allow for a deeper more divine expression of sexuality. Historically, this unleashed and orgasmic explosion in science, philosophical thought, poetry, art, and music in the Renaissance. We in the modern age believe that absolute sexual freedom is more natural than repression, but the truth is the opposite. We become slaves to our physical proclivities first, and if we do not prevent that slavery first and foremost, we will never be able to attain the heights of wisdom and beauty that was say we wish to attain.

Technosexuality. Modern culture’s sexuality is what I call technosexuality. It’s perversity is for the most part publicly expressed and admitted inside the popularity of digitalized porn and sex robots, violently sexual movies and Netflix series, obsession with digitized bodies of women and men, etc. This kind of digital perversion also drives addiction to social media/Internet as a way to “find love” and “friends” and “acceptance”. “Look at me” is no longer look at “me”. Instead it is “look at my image”. But is there any difference for some? This superficial preoccupation of such a large part of the population is like giving millions of toddlers an iPad and permanently adhering it to their hands- they are happy and quiet and leave the rest of us alone. The ones who are not happy and make a lot of noise – those are the ones who will have to do a lot of hard and painful work in order to save themselves from this matrix.

So Called Self-Love. When most people refer to self-love, they are referring to a way of being that avoids what displeases them and chases what pleases them. A life of avoidance and chasing is not what constitutes self-love. Running from and chasing things or people is self-sabotage, self-defense, other-offense, and general misery for all. A dog, too frightened and too scared to give or receive affection, too wounded to open its heart, is not practicing self-love.

Cheap Imitations. True love is divine love. All other kinds of love are cheap imitation copies that create co-dependency, limitation, bondage, lies, fears, pain, and so-called self-love which is actually just a love of one’s own ball and chain.

Love is. Love is not a person, nor is it an emotion or an action. Love is your relationship to the world, in all its parts and in its whole. If you hate one part, you hate the whole. If you lie about half, it is entirely a lie. If you feel you lack love, you will find little abundance in the stars.

You are a Universe. Don’t imagine that you are smaller than that, unless you are infinitely smaller.

Tragi-comedy. We feel good about our suffering in love as long as there is comedy to help us make light of it. Most people don’t want to admit or remember that the comic mask is just an upside down tragedy. Behind the jokes and the self-deprecating laughter is pain equal to or beyond measure of all the smiles of the world. Comedy is always a reaction to tragedy. One does not exist without the other. One cannot be present without the other. There is a ferocious bite in the wide toothy grin.

Detachment: Shake and Break. Comedy can be one of a number of possible first steps towards awareness around a situation or a state of being. First and foremost it requires an artistic talent or a keen eye to make light of a circumstance that would otherwise be too difficult to bear. And although the comic and lighter perspective does not offer the truth of a situation or being, it does unveil the unreality of its previous seriousness in the form of tragedy. When comedy makes light of tragedy, the tragedy appears to dissolve as if it were never there at all. The court jester lightens the king’s load. What this effects is quite powerful, for the individual gets the impression that the dark tragic perspective is not actually a reality at all and perhaps there is another more suitable one. A wise man or woman would see this and perhaps launch themselves into a search for the truth. Most, however, need a significant amount of incubation time before they seek such truth. Instead, they might be lead to believe that the comic perspective is the true perspective. But this kind of elevation gives seriousness to the comedy which is a bit like trying to make candy with salt instead of sugar. Such a recipe easily leads to a particularly unsavory and distasteful mode of behavior and manner of speaking. We know these types who emerge: class clowns, jokers, irresponsibility, irreverence, joblessness, despair, political activism, and – full circle -, dramatic expression and outburst, anger, venom. There is of course the accompanying possibility of a mind refuting the comic perspective entirely as being unsavory, perhaps on moral or religious grounds, which leads to a reversion back to the ponderous seriousness of one’s old perspective and being. We know these types: stodgy, inflexible, prideful, stubborn, arrogant, boring, silently anxious, bowel disturbances, and a private love of toilet humor. Either way, this back and forth between laughter (or avoidance of laughter) and tears will continue ad infinitum until the soul manages to extricate itself from both of these equally false realities. The individual, shaken back and forth, will be as an hourglass, with the sand being forced from one side to the other, and quite violently, until the glass suddenly breaks completely due to a combination of their surrendered ego and divine intervention. This surrender and intervention will finally release both the sand and the force of a soul who was only eager to free of the absurdity once and for all. This is the true nature and presentation of detachment which is a process of growth, awareness, and love which finally leads to bliss. The process is not peaceful in any way shape or form. It creates bi-polarized energies, emotional swings, friction, despair, surrender (to the divine), followed by complete collapse of what has kept the soul imprisoned for so many years and/or lifetimes. Namaste.

Potty humor arises out of shame. It is a truly low vibrational, reactive type of entertainment that most people enjoy. Watch the face of a dog as he tries to be discreet while doing his business with his owner watching. If a dog were a comedian, he would mainly tell food, poop, and fart jokes.

Afraid of What We Want. We are strange beings who are afraid to have what we want and so choose to simply purchase easier, cheaper, and less risky imitations of it. It is challenging to grow flowers. Much easier to buy them or – better yet – buy fake ones. Even easier: forget about them completely. We are no different in matters of love. We want it to be given to us, like we give it to our dogs. We don’t want to do the work, but we love to expend energy in complaining and creating art concerning how miserable love is. Love Stinks yeah yeah.

Love of Many Names and Blames. Love is the god of many names, but it is in English identified with a single word. The reasons for this are complex, but I will try to make it simple. We want to believe love is as effortless as a few unchallenged expectations and a contract either written or implied. Love, we all imagine, is being or doing in a specific way. Love, we think, is anthropocentric and adheres or should adhere to our social norms, rules, and regulations. Love, we assert, must conform to our conscious desires. And so, to reflect our desire for simplification, we give a single label to love, and we apply all of its constrictions to all possible loves. But when a possible love falls apart in relation to our expectations and attempts, we then begin the pain and the misery. We will most of the time launch our entire being into blaming ourselves or our partners for this injustice done to us; perhaps we will even blame society and love itself. But upon whomever we cast blame, we rarely stop to think that perhaps our definition of love is what is to blame, not the people involved, and certainly not love.

Love is calling. Love calls to you every day. How deep have you buried your heart so that you no longer have to hear it’s cry?

Self-empowerment/Self-Love. There are many books written by self-proclaimed love authorities. All of them are calls to “love yourself”. What they say sounds more or less correct, however what they are doing is simply fanning the flames of a fire that is already burning the house down. An individual who is most likely running from love and creating a life fueled by fear and limitation, is being told to love themselves at all costs. Well, burn on.

The First Sacrifice of Love. The first sacrifice love demands of you is for you to recognize that your definition of love has permeated your life in every aspect and in every dimension. It has become a fractal of sorts and it has replicated into your relationships with yourself, with others, with art, and with entire universe. Yes, your definition of love has cosmological significance. It is a definition that was formed either in a previous life, or in the current one when you were very young. Most of us are in fact walking around with very childlike views on what love should look like, childlike views that were reflected back to us from our parents, the television, movies, teachers, friends.

Love of Art. Your consciousness in regards to what love is perpetuates and replicates itself inside the mass consciousness. Those who are powerful “thought leaders”, such as artists and writers and philosophers, are the ones who move this mass consciousness more powerfully than the rest of the consumers or carriers. It is for that reason that care must be taken on the part of artists to become aware of the nature of this power they are wielding. The nature of it is related to the power of love itself. In other words, the expression of artists and theaters is what directs the form of love as it manifests in the world. As such, it directs the form and perception of the universe, as something we are either related to or something that we are cut off from.

Responsibility. Love grants you responsibility. Your relationship to it will determine the nature of your world and the world of those you can’t even imagine. You have no choice in this. You send out anger about love, you will create more anger. You send out pain? You will create more pain. If you choose anger and pain, maybe you should stay inside, away from the children. The children have had enough pain. You remember, don’t you?

Sour Grapes. People still relate to the world as if it were a friendship gone sour. The greater the ignorance of nature, the greater the fear; and as fear arises, so do all the barriers against love.

Failing at Love Again. Many of us removed God from our belief system because he failed to give us the love we wanted. Who did we replace him with? Could it be the ego who has taken the crown? Whoever he or she is, she is failing us as well. And miserably I might add.

Ego, Dharma, Healing

Nothing is higher than dharma. The weak overcomes the stronger by dharma, as over a king. Truly that dharma is the Truth (Satya); Therefore, when a man speaks the Truth, they say, “He speaks the Dharma”; and if he speaks Dharma, they say, “He speaks the Truth!” For both are one.
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 1.4.xiv

Agreement. Our dependency on other people is not due to our own weakness, but is due to the superficial preoccupations of our mind. When not at “work”, our mind spends most of its time with trivialities, falsities, and circular repetitious inner dialogues. The truth is that we are rarely dealing with the real world, if such a thing exists; and even if it does exist, we have very little inclination to associate with it, let alone the patience to inquire about it. Everyone else does this as well, and their agreement with us appears to constitute “reality”. We choose, for better or for worse, to engage with people who support the illusion and confusion we conjure on a regular basis. Shared delusion, mass consciousness, birds of a feather; call it what you like. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “In individuals, madness is rare. In groups, it is the rule.”

Bondage and attachment. We are more attached to our thoughts about love than actually loving. It is a situation that is truly the “devil’s handiwork”.

Success. We generally never question what constitutes society’s idea of success. If we did, the idea would have already transformed, and so would we. And if success doesn’t fulfill us, we pretend that it does until the lie becomes so great that the only friend we have is what the Greeks called pharmaka: spells, incantations, and herbs. We recognize these as pharmaceuticals. Some are satisfied with simply “partying”.

Poison. Poison is not in the air or the sea, the earth or the fire. The poison is always in what we believe, and what we believe we must be.

Reality. People speak confidently to each other and themselves about being “realistic”. But “realism” only makes sense within the context of a hive mind and the limits it sets for itself. These limits are what divide good from bad, right from wrong, possible and impossible, all of which apply to everyone and no one in particular.

Thinking and Inner Knowing. We think that thinking leads to observation and that observation leads to truth. But this is a lie. There is no true and good observation with the mind. The mind is not an instrument for the observation of truth. The soundness of an argument does not mean it is a true argument. You can create a damn good story, but it has no bearing on its validity. A program for a computer can be logically sound and perfectly written. There is nothing “true” about it. It is a created system designed to stand by itself in a certain context. Mind as a whole is an instrument for collection, categorization, organization, structuring, story telling, argumentation, etc. The mind’s utility comes in after the observation/inspiration has already taken place. With what organ do we observe reality? Some cultures call it the “third eye” or the “heart chakra”, or the “understanding”. It is the source of all original inspiration and creativity. Plato called it “remembering”, because he saw inner knowledge as something that is already there within us latent and hidden. We are born with what we are meant to create; all we have to do is simply recollect and work on manifesting it. Yet most of us do not believe in any of this because not only have we been uneducated in the awareness of ourselves, but even when we do become aware, we decide that such an inner search takes time and solitude. And time and solitude will not make interesting YouTube videos or Facebook posts. Time and solitude will not get you quick success.

Quickly. Fine wines are not produced in a day.

From Spirit to Cog. Even though we are not aware of the full powers of our third eye, we still receive information from within and through it. The third eye is literally a portal to other worlds, and aspects or timelines of this world. However, this information is distorted and muddied by the ego-material world we live in. We immediately transmute spiritual information into childish dream analysis, ideas for action, ideas for winning. The American culture is still very pragmatic with regards to its own success. The individuals within it are simply expressions and pawns of that pragmatism. Spiritual insight is always shortly followed by “How can I sell this?”. And if we can’t sell it for the sake of wealth, fame, or image, we discard it immediately.

Heaven for Hell.
American culture’s relationship to yoga and meditation can be defined in the following way: We stretch our muscles towards the heavens so that we might relax happy inside our hell.

Group Meditation.
The only access to true reality is through our own experience of spirit. Meditation helps. Group meditation, however, is like to going to a sociologist for psychotherapy.

Disease and Profits. There is no money to be gained if people don’t need someone else to do something for them. There is always an financial incentive to keeping physical and spiritual disease alive and thriving.

Self-Doubt. Self doubt is the ego’s most clever survival strategy. Self-doubt is one of the most difficult psychological barriers to happiness and, at the same time, it is the best way to protect our current status-quo, whatever that may be. Self-doubt is most difficult, not because it is inherently complicated to remove as if it were some sophisticated alien implant, but because the strength of self-doubt is proportional to the power of the ego, which in most of us is unbounded and untamed. Self-doubt never doubts the doubter, because that would remove the entire disease and send the person into a reflective hall of mirrors. It’s just too much twisty mental yoga for most people to even look at it. No, self-doubt keeps us from being or doing or saying something outside of our normal routine. It is simply a ego-defense mechanism and it is designed to make you fail at your heart’s desire. Every. Single. Time. Self-doubt usually arises due to an overprotective parent. They would rather you stay in the house all day, than risk skinning a knee.

Imbalance always stems from an unbridled ego. Excessive muscle mass, excessive exercising, excessive partying, drinking. The power of the ego is always in inverse proportion to the power of the soul. Can’t control yourself when faced with a bag of chocolate? This is not about lack of will power; it is about the lack of relationship to your own soul. Look at it this way. Would you continually feed your dog or your child a bag of chocolate in every day? Not unless you want to kill the former, and cause serious health problems in the later. Why would you do it to yourself? It is not because you lack will power. It is because you are not connecting to love and care towards yourself.

Love is Health. With love, intelligence, care, grace, and kindness comes naturally. How do you access love? You begin by being true to yourself, to your powers, to your inner knowing. Spend time alone. Let everything else that falls away from that, fall away. You don’t need it.

Google as Oracle. We moderns believe that we know more of reality than the ancients. It is true that we may know more about the natural phenomena as presented through the five senses. We have spent a lot of time with data and pattern observation in observable phenomena. We worship our material world in a way that the Egyptians would find shocking. We even have computers that we love more than life itself, to do our heavy mathematical calculations, logical sentences, and Google oracle searches. But this deep faith in physical scientific data has spread to all areas of human life and the result is that we have never been more ignorant about the nature of ourselves or the universe. This is why the ancients look ignorant to us, not because they were ignorant, but because they were usually talking about something that we have long forgotten, namely, ourselves.

Misunderstandings. Our standard modern egoic understanding of religion and gods completely prevents us from understanding anything true about religion and gods.

Socrates: I know nothing.
Delphic Oracle: Know yourself!
Socrates: I know that I know nothing.

Resist, Surrender, Resent. To resist against social norms is to persist those social norms. This is why most young people eventually give up their resistance and surrender to what they once claimed to despise. At that later point, they see themselves as “growing up”. But the truth is that they have just “grown in”. They are as wild horses who finally succumb to the comforts offered by their masters. Later, as they age, these people are most likely to become the ones who are the least tolerant of those who don’t in turn succumb to what they themselves once submitted to.

Monkey Mind. Most people give up on meditation because they have a “monkey mind”, a mind that is completely unable to stop swinging from thought to thought, from dream to dream, from desire to desire. Restlessness, anxiety, inconsistency: all of them feel impossible to avoid. But this is precisely why they shouldn’t give up on meditation. Yet for some reason, the monkey thinks that if it is hungry, it shouldn’t bother eating.

Separation. The energy of people speaks louder than their words and their actions. You can experience the thoughts of another individual even before they can articulate those thoughts to themselves. This is no magic. This is possible only because we are not really separated from each other. Psychic powers arise out of awareness of connection with others from within.

Karmic Disease. If you cause pain to another human being, you will feel that pain as well. It will become part of you. This is what karma is. It is not justice. It is the experience of shared energy. You cannot intentionally harm or hurt someone else without harming and hurting yourself. It may manifest differently within you and you might not identify it until later, but it is there. This is how generational karma is possible. The pain is transferred. You are always the one who has the opportunity to heal it. Otherwise, you will remain a carrier and you will spread that pain far and wide to as many children and animals as possible. Karma is a disease and each one of us can resolve it. First by recognizing it, healing the wounds, and healing others.

Generational Suffering. One person can contain the evil and pain of multiple generations. I have seen such a one or two and I have seen deep suffering and alcohol in their eyes.

Victims. The modern victim mentality perpetuates karmic disease. When everyone is the victim, no one takes action to resolve the karma. We don’t take responsibility because we are the root cause of the pain, we take responsibility because we can be the cause of the healing. It is our Dharma to do so. To neglect that duty is to actually become part of the root cause.

Healing. The source of all confusion and muddied thinking and feeling is a lack of access to Source or God (whatever you call it) via your third eye. You are one and your being is integrated inside the world in a profound and magical way. The confusion you suffer is not due to psychological illness, but due to sociological conditioning and false education. Peel off the layers of social conditioning and you will uncover your true voice. This takes time, love, and patience. Do not give up in this. Be relentless. Find others who support you. Find good books, not self-help agendas and yoga teacher trainings. Stop chasing “success” and “money”. It is candy but it will leave you unfulfilled. Then when you are done and have found who you are, or at least who you are not, begin to learn how you might heal all the others. You will know when it is time. Only you will know. Google knows nothing.

Sexuality: Truth or Fame?


Jesus replied, “Even if I testify about Myself, My testimony is valid, because I know where I came from and where I am going. But you do not know where I came from or where I am going. You judge according to flesh. I judge no one.


John 8:15

Poetry as Sexual Spells.There are certain poems whose words are not meant to be heard for their clever composition. They are instead symbols, like hieroglyphics, which, in their spellings, transmit an energy meant to be felt and recreated again and again upon each reading. Poetry, like music, is the art of spells and incantations and love-making. What does poetry and music wish to achieve? It wishes of course to find another to receive it, so that it might enter the other for self replication. This pursuit is as the nature of life and love itself. Union, replication, procreation, recreation, reincarnation: it doesn’t matter whether the poet/musician is still alive or long passed, the listener who resonates with the energy of the composer’s spells will receive that energy as a recognized force of consciousness. That energy which moves through the listener is palpable and powerful. And as a song is transmitted within the soul of the listener and welcomed there, it’s seeds are planted, to someday perhaps germinate into similar offspring.

Transmutation of Sexual Energy. The transference and recreation of energy over time and space is not to be confused with the temporal energetic emotional state and lusts of lovers. Emotional expression cannot alone carry itself beyond the moment of its expression. Lust is no match for unconditional divine love. Its end is quick, unstable, and unsubtle. Unconditional love, on the other hand, is a creative energy, an energy of consciousness that transforms a sudden outburst of tears into the tragedy of humanity, the longing of a young man or woman into the eternal quest for union with the beloved, the pain of death into the Iliad. There is a certain divine grace inherent in this divine love, for it saves us from being utterly consumed by what is by itself self-annihilating.

Canines.The general population experiences their sexuality as a physical experience like eating food or drinking. This is why the general population does not have an impact beyond temporal creation. From dust they arise and to dust they return. Still some of them are very attractive and well-groomed.

Pleasure.The modern world is an amazing place where dogs enjoy more comforts and privileges than most people in Africa. Most people, if you demanded of them the truth, would admit that a dog’s life is more enjoyable than their own.

Know the Beast. Most artists in the modern world seek to become popular amongst the general population. They will soon find out – when it is too late – that each moment spent trying to please the general population, is a moment that gets them even closer to homelessness – or worse – a desk job.

Temporal Recognition. Fame in the twenty-first century is temporary. As time goes on, it will get even more temporary. Many will blame this on technology or society at large. But the blame itself is misplaced and is itself a symptom of the true problem. The real problem is that most professional artists and wannabe artists have become attention and sexual whores.

Responsibility. Technology is an instrument not only for distraction but also for scapegoating. Not only does it allow us to abdicate our mathematical responsibilities, but also our responsibilities in regards to exercising the power of our own Will.

Only One. We don’t produce Shakespeares and Mozarts not because we are addicted to the Internet, but because Shakespeares and Mozarts have always been rare. But that is okay. These single individuals are blessed with a divine love and grace so powerful that they still empower and inspire us to this day. We just need one. Only one.

God is Alive. God is the source of all creativity. Nietzsche declared His death…and then resurrected Him. I have yet to meet someone who understands this. Instead, what we have are fools who refute God because they think God cares about arguments.

Justice. True philosophy has nothing to do with argument or self defense. Philosophy would actually have no function if the human world were not constantly in a state of imbalance and excess and – let’s face – utter stupidity. Philosophy has been and always will be justice, the enterprise whose goal it is to rebalance humanity or a section of humanity. A philosopher will poke holes in a previous philosopher’s arguments not because he is trying to prove the other wrong, but because rebalancing requires it. Students of philosophy will ignorantly imitate the actions and words of the philosopher, not understanding the power and energy and direction of those words. By the time students rummage through the old philosopher’s bones, his original words, concepts, ideas have already succumb to gravity. They have grown slow and ponderous, eventually collapsing into their own weight. The word “love” in the mouth of Socrates, for example is now so filled with every single aspect of affinity, sexual contact, emotional intimacy, etc that the word is virtually meaningless.

Romeo. The philosopher who is interesting in lovemaking, will make sure that he first refutes every definition of love he can find.

Canary in the Coal Mine. An artist cannot express from his heart and soul if his heart and soul is filled with lies and deceits. He can try of course, but he will find only limitation and difficulty. He would be the canary in the coal mine, but in a cave mine that is filled to the top with coal. That is why it is a good idea for every artist to constantly look to remove anything that keeps his heart from singing freely into open air.

Boredom. The general population will worship artists who excite their physical sexuality. Everything else is boring and pretentious like Rachmaninoff and Longfellow and Jesus.

Destiny. Artists must always answer this question: Do you desire fame or do you love truth? Who is your mistress? She will be your lover. She will be your destiny.

Trick Questions. Everything in life offers a trick question. Slow down. Listen. Contemplate. Then perhaps answer.