love is a revolution

The light of the righteous shines brightly, but the lamp of the wicked is extinguished.

Proverbs 13:9

the world will now be turning,

for love is a revolution.

even so long it’s been like this:

quiet is the riot of contentment:

a single day we have tried to hide

to keep the next day from stealing

fear has claws that bleed Freedom

to keep the monsters deep inside

they are the dark skeletons of Time,

where their sun remains outside,

cartoon entertainment on the wall

watching their light slip far away

the screeching songs of a wild mob

the warping of the legs who dance

only when into frenzy whipped

the world will now be changing

the world will be dancing now

love is the revolution

love is the revolution

love is the revolution

Heart of the Timeless

you are here to remember the Heart;
that you must guard it, is an illusion,
that you must protect it, is a lie,
the bird often flies deep into shadow,
wing by wing, to fly back to the sky
feathers feeding your poetic mind
for I have painted you a tiny picture
wings declare motion inside your eye
have you seen this bird, or created it?
will you let her fly or does she stay in mind?
perhaps he will visit you this afternoon
perhaps she will visit you tomorrow,
is she ahead or behind? above or below?
will you allow him to sing a new song,
a spell upon the shadows in your ears?
who do you, after all, think you are?
It doesn’t matter whether I am dead
or alive or what I am, but only that It Is,
this Heart of the timeless infinite bird.

Forgive What Was Never Said

I can sing above only when your freedom is born,
my light from below is light leading you to shore
out of the prison that was your birth and place,
they didn’t care: children can’t breathe thick air.
I was down for you, down inside the ground
shackled by blinding chains, a numbing pain.
they drank your blood mixed with sweet lemonade
and cheered gruesome gods of cadaverous shade
but no more will they steal your innocence to live
no more will they rape the blindness of simple sense
for those are brave heroes who collect your tears
to rain upon the world as the Great Flood did rain
evil to be drowned in its own Hollywood massacre
where they vainly tried our heaven’s wings to shed.
Pray for the children. Forgive what was never said.

Love is

Love is
Mightier than any victory
Sharper than the sword
Great conquerer of petty kings
No fragile thing is love
And so when love arrives
You will lose your breath.
You will know.
No doubt you will know
For at first you will fear it
trembling in ecstatic woe
Until you, drained, surrender
to be with the fierce courage
Of being what love is.

Do Not Fear

Book of the Dead: Weighing of the Heart

What is in your heart?
What has been in the hearts of all?
Do we know the evil we have held?
How much darkness has blinded us?
How many children have been lost
without justice, without love?
Lofty heads cannot fight the gravity.
Release what binds you,
and your heart will be as the feather.

Where One Is

Everything that we were,
we ran from.
Everything that we will be,
we ran to.
Everything we are
is what we have always been.
Sit and be silent,
You will hear a mind that worries
You will hear a mind that regrets
You will hear the songs of woe.
Let the ocean tides scatter it all,
Let the sea swallow every shadow,
Gulls fly into the above and below,
wings announcing their horizon,
Even let these go, let the birds go,
Sit and be silent,
Everything that you were,
you are.
Everything that you will be,
you are,
a rose blooming with her thorns,
everywhere from the earth
where one may be,
there is the all.

Love in the Time of Corona

All these, years, I would look for you,
in the sky as I flew
in the mountains as I climbed
upon the grass as I walked.
I even searched for you in the faces of others,
and I would use words to hold your hand,
and I would sing songs to reach your heart,
and use my body to reach inside your soul.
But only silence, only silence was the echo.
I would cry. How deeply I, bereft, would cry,
a love that was lost no matter how hard I’d try.
But today I have found you right here,
for I feel the sun shining from within me,
and I feel my heart flowing with the waters,
the rivers all converging into a greater flood,
people breathing fresher air, feet on the ground,
springtime all around,  flowers lovely peeking
around the corner where children play to seek,
each one blooming, left in peace together growing
as the wisdom of roses, fed by a Love that is Forever.

Two Earths

There are two earths
one is but a map, a contrivance of mind,
a technical floor, the mere ground we stand for,
a doormat of skyscrapers, factories, oceans of oil

What happens when the Mother enters,
her Moon flooding the deep green valleys
skimming the surface of the greater waters?
The shame is much to bear before her Honor.

There are places on the map where no one sees,
and where all our shame and misery can be,
for a map cannot describe almost everything.
A wasteland is its own punishment enough.

Yet there is no soul that doesn’t believe in the divine,
for souls cannot believe that they are not themselves,
and atheists use their arguments as whips and chains:
by blood and fang, they chant of a dark godless Moon.

But the souls who can listen know what is true,
as the Mother enters the room, all anguish begins,
the guilt, the negligence, the seven deadly sins:
all bear weight upon the souls who could have loved.

But just as corpses grow more rotten in the sunlight,
so too do the ways of old that choose greed over love.
Sunglasses will not curb the ultraviolet rays of Source
And so allow the pain of death to give its debt to life.

Then all can choose sacred love for sacred ground
honorable as the great gorilla; gentle as delicate fawn:
breath the air, drink the water, build as flowers build,
sing the chorus of every cell, the swan song of Her Will.

Do You Notice?

do you notice
as you walk deeper into the night,
all lights forced by hands recede,
but the Moon still watches over you,
for she borrows from the daytime Sun?

do you notice
how hard Shame tries to make the Beautiful,
while birds are simply singing their songs,
effortless as the rambling rivers down go on,
coaxed higher by Moon and the wild windy flow?

do you notice
the man who seeks Fame creates attention
in a wobbly world that cannot its attention keep
and so he sows the seeds of Anger and Resentment
against the Moon, the Sun, the Gods of the Deep?

do you notice
how a wound ignored becomes paint upon brush,
splashed upon this imagination or canvas such
“better,” says the artist, “that all creation feel my pain
than I alone suffer without the Rainbow and the Rain.”

do you notice
as Time runs all the Spaces in his Order,
you are trying to catch his art to be “mine”
placing each delicate note inside your mouth
that you might yourself sing pretty for a while?

do you notice
how many want to make themselves heard,
but all that flows are confused shadows hissing
that we can’t hear the birds simply singing songs
effortless as the rambling rivers down go on?