Water Falling Through the Cage of a Dove

I invoke the spirits of the wild seas
and all the forces of uneasy heavens,
please shatter within me every illusion,
freedom from every lie I’ve told before
who falsifies the ebb and flow of being;

set me free to discover oceans profound
that my beloved might still recognize me
and not appear in false posture as before;
a form that cannot ever contain this love
water falling through the cage of a dove

in the middle of a salty ocean I thirst
for love that teaches how living is first
how to ride with the whales in the waves
laughing as the sun retires from my days
making way for the deathly light of moon

O give me courage to be born until I die
allow me to see heaven open his wide eyes
for I have seen him before in ancient dreams
we’ve made love as one in the astrals unseen
far from home, far from what’s earthly been

Eternal Flame in Sea

there is not a tear that you shed that does not also fall upon my cheek
shadows that grow before me are rooted in the sunshine that you seek
do not fear your droning pain that transpires beneath the day’s light
for all that is dark will quickly scurry away into sorry hate and spite
where no fish can swim, where no bird may fly, no heart remaining thrive
O it was your heart I saw it first in song and then beneath the starry sky
even before you I saw its beauty and I also saw sad pools drown your eyes
where I was impelled to alight drops of Hope confounding water’s lies
for I know your oceans in the hundred times they nearly drowned me,
yet you fail to see me, eternal flame burning beneath your billowing sea

Sea of Venus (Eternal Return)

O my crying river stream of sunshine dappled oceans,
how much further away do you plan from hearth to stray?
the fire of the air robs you of your profound depth
the thirsty earth depletes the life you once were set
for soon your flow will advance into but a slight trickle;
and yet I shall then return you by the hands of clouds
of gray storms wont to ignite the sullen people’s frowns
for they fail to see this as love’s longed for homecoming:
glad are the tears who fall into plains of water merging
torrents resting in soft currents by Venus’ subtle urging.

Crystalline Song

I have no need to dream of a world without boundaries
nor a world where we’d swim in the great ocean of love
for we flow there now where the sun runs as uncanny blood
rainbows traveling beyond the wider beds of dusk and dawn
pouring its bright colors into sea swirling crystalline song
breathing ever anew: I love you I love you I love you

Wild Unseen Seas

I do not marvel inside this language,
and I have no attachment to the words
I am a lover of visions raw untold
unfolding inside strange sudden light
to form color, aspect, uncanny sounds

If all you see are clever winged words,
ships of thought, minds of familiar form
sailing proud in oceans already explored
perhaps someday you will come with me,
to attempt your own wild unseen seas.