Songs of a World Torn Asunder

i would imagine you in a child’s dream or fantasy,
scales of shimmering gold and the breath of fire
or of dark eternal eyes slippery alienese attired;
how many imaginations has society stripped away
from my eyes and how many lies have replaced them?

there is a cord the binds me to what you seem now
and to what you have been forever in mist hidden
yet reaching for you, you would quickly spin away
fear was the back of your head till that very last day
when anger fueled your step, rage giving black wings

what does it feel like to be in love with the whole,
and watch that world tear apart from lighted soul?
perhaps a child would cower and imagine to be other
in some tired corner waiting too for his redemption,
crying, eager to write songs of a world torn asunder.

My Bright and Shining Sun

ever do I look upon my rhymes with sad dismay,
for the fire that once gave them light has gone
away that sweet song whose poem ended yesterday
yet still reminding me as I gaze upon this star,
“I will love you forever”, words simple and raw,
round which I spend my lonely days writing bliss,
my heart and center, my bright and shining sun.