Let Go the Shadows (Purgatory)

Who are you—who, against the hidden river,
were able to escape the eternal prison?”
he said, moving those venerable plumes.

Then he replied: “I do not come through my
own self. There was a lady sent from Heaven;
her pleas led me to help and guide this man.

Dante, Pugatorio, Canto 1, 40-42, 52-54

my love,
I saw you standing midst those who in purgatory dwell
singing makeshift words of another’s conjured rhymes
lies that evaporate before entangling hearts and minds
what you still pretend to be yesterday and tomorrow
as a child clinging to hopes from mommy borrowed
the thin shades cannot survive your heavenly skies,
not a million could survive the power of your light
to lead you to where you know you are called to go
to be brave enough to pass through your own shadows;
for the reflections of others will never keep you close
the shadows that follow others when they leave you
what you mistake for love just ’cause it hurts the most.

Forgotten Way

have you never noticed the sunlight struggling to reach your eyes?
whatever you stand behind, it shimmers openings betwixt the sides
rocks burning, skyscrapers steaming, sun’s dragon fire breathing
trees soaking in the noontime sun as you seek safety in the shade
for why would you want to feel the hot desire of youth once again?
so many sunny days have fallen quickly into disappointing rains
and love, O Love!, burned too much of your heart that summer’s day
swift train passing you by disappearing into your lost forgotten way.

Love Song from Moon to Sun

my soul meets your soul every night beneath the secret sea
though my mind cannot paint such bliss upon my memory,
my heart however recalls love as rosy dawn sends her dove

before even a wave will crash I thrice resound your name
just as you leave to give white faded memory to the same
as you have long since strayed too far away from our flesh

I remain behind regardless to watch the rain collapse to earth,
freezing in the snow, springtime buzzing, summer sweltering,
set in your mortal burdens I alone watch your revolutions turn.

for I promised that I’d reflect your dark treacherous pathways
with your own fires longing to bloom in our ocean’s starry night
water to your flame, undulating tide to heal your burning pain.


I said you were a gift but then i didn’t understand how
for my soul was speaking what my mind couldn’t know
you were sunshine for my shadows, warmth for my cold
but it was too brief for me to allow myself to believe
that a ray of your light could so easily open my heart
like seeds who blossom deep within the dark of the dirt
as a single blade of grass reaching for the winter sky
I would reach towards you no matter how far you’d stray
far far away, your sunshine showered no less upon me
even today I do not need a memory to feel what you gave
for you do not change as the sun, or moon, or clouds do
love is what we are despite it all, you me overflowing
enveloping all that moves: pure as air, deeper than the seas.

healing ocean

we are an ocean of eternal light, my love,
i can taste a single drop of your tears
i can feel the seashell scrape your heel,
winds swirling your sadness and your pain
clouds carrying from afar back to me again
for my heart is strong to give you needed rest
relaxing into waves who know your strength
to forget what was, to float beneath the sun
breathing what is yours, the breath of love
speak and ye shall find your heart’s longing
a world of joy that sings for you your songs.