the sun that rains

light scatters quick upon yesterday’s fallen snow
for sun arising rains behind a blustering storm
its rays drown icicles collapsing them to thaw
such is the destiny of even the coldest of souls
for they are no match for the light that flows
from nature’s love who links every single heart
by rivers of warmth and life running through her,
abundance drowning what refuses to channel her

winter mirror

serendipity is the summer of the soul
but the winter air is abrupt and cold
springtime trees could reach for a star
how heavy have their arms become
snow weighing lightness to the ground
gazing into ponds as clear as mirrors
for this is the time of soft reflection
surrender to what was, is, and will be.

“So what is it do I see, O great Winter?
what is the truth? please reveal to me
don’t spare me from fear, frost or fire
am I going nowhere except around again
but higher than a slow and torpid earth
just to catch a better glimpse of those,
those whom I’ve left in tears of woe
with whom I might wish to begin again?”

“You don’t return to those”, he replied
“for they are traveling along their road
and do not wish to be currently disposed
except your love who’s frozen in his heart
whose teeth are sharper than winter’s bite
words laced with envy that cut as a knife
to him you must return but from a distance
for otherwise he will bleed your flesh

the frightened dog threatens and snarls
even against the one who always loves him
he knows nothing else but pain in longing
even the fire’s light will hurt his sad eyes
for he has hidden too long in dark caves
protecting moon from his catastrophic rage
wild horses his own conscious cannot tame
yet don’t pity him who you love: just love.”

the wind begins to swirl the falling snow
beckoning the world to dance with it alone
enjoying its finish melting upon my cheek
as if my body and springtime finally meet
as if my heart were the magnificent sun
for I have returned to give my love to him
love round which the time and seasons spin
for all of this eternity I’ve ever been for him