Little Bird Singing You and I

there is a little bird I have heard who sings of you instead of I,
and yesterday she whispered “world, world” inside her lullaby
“Did you know?”, the parrot asked. “Did you know that I am you,
and all the seas, the land, the earth, every flower, every turn
is your body of the world, the sun of the universe true?
and all the blood, the fire, the water, every seed, every line
is your body of the world, the moon of dreams?
“Who made you afraid of yourself?”, asked the macaw,
“Who told you to learn something other?”, asked the eagle,
Did you feel sorrow as they flew far away with their wisdom
or did you notice the path beneath your feet walking rhythm?
Trees singing your song, a lover far into the distance is closest.
I love you now until you love yourself and I show you every pain,
every fall into midnight is a lesson to learn about the days,
“Be afraid no longer, great bird! Love is singing through your veins
the little bird sang ’til you and I danced beneath the noontime rays.